Scunthorpe Town Fund Board

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The Town Deal Board will be the vehicle through which the vision and strategy for the town is defined. It will produce a Town Investment Plan and inform the Town Deal, including the amount of investment secured through the Towns Fund.

The role of the Board is to:

  • develop and agree an evidenced based Town Investment Plan by Autumn 2020
  • develop a clear programme of interventions by Autumn 2020
  • coordinate resources and influence stakeholders

The defined area of our Town Deal Board represented on the map. This is important so that our local communities and other bodies understand where the area of benefit will be:

  • The governance structure and decision-making structures of the Town Deal Board will be managed, and secretariat provided by North Lincolnshire Council.
  • The Town Deal Board is to align with North Lincolnshire Council governance standards and policies, including around whistle blowing, conflicts of interest, and complaints.


Map of Scunthorpe Town


The Board comprises of representatives from the local business and education sectors, relevant national government organisations and/or arm’s length bodies, local representative organisations and community groups; Local Authorities and our local MPs. Membership will be reviewed every year.

The Town Deal Board (“the Board”) is the vehicle through which the vision and strategy for is defined.

The Board will:

Develop and agree an evidence based Town Investment Plan that includes:

  • Background, context and evidence of need for suggested interventions.
  • A vision that, complements agreed or emerging local economic strategies.

A high level description of priority areas for the short, medium and long term including:

  • Activity that can be locally funded.
  • Projects that could be supported by public investment (including through the Towns Fund), with high level costs estimates.
  • Ambitions for private sector investment and community involvement.
  • Develop a clear programme of interventions.
  • Coordinate resources and influence stakeholders.

The Board is not a legal entity, and its role is advisory. Its purpose is to work with North Lincolnshire Council, to which it is accountable as the Lead Council, to produce a well – evidenced Town Investment Plan which sets out a clear understanding of Scunthorpe focusing on its assets, opportunities and challenges. It will subsequently assist in the production of business cases to access Town Deal funding.


  • The Board will meet on a monthly basis.
  • Meetings will be consensus based and will include detailed discussions of matters that are of strategic importance.
  • Decision and Action points agreed at the meetings will be recorded.
  • Meetings will be quorate when 10 members are in attendance.