Information and performance

Find reports summarising the performance of North Lincolnshire Council and its partners to improve the lives of the North Lincolnshire residents.

Our reports, plans and annual reviews:

The Annual report provides an overview of North Lincolnshire Council’s achievements over the previous 12 months along with a summary of its financial performance.

Annual Report 2016-17 [PDF, 6Mb]

Annual Report 2015-16 [PDF, 585Kb]

Annual Report 2014-15 [PDF, 3Mb]

Annual Report 2013-14 [PDF, 4Mb]

Annual Report 2012-13 [PDF, 1Mb]

This report presents a summary of feedback received for the period 1 April 2022 – 31 March 2023, in the form of compliments, comments and complaints.

Read the full – Customer Feedback Annual Report 2022-2023

Previous reports

North Lincolnshire Council is immensely proud of the contribution that early years settings, schools, colleges and additional providers make to the lives of our children and young people. The shared ambition of leaders, governors, staff and families to help all children achieve great outcomes is inspirational. This is why education standards and performance continues from strength-to-strength in North Lincolnshire. The Council also recognises that the education community of North Lincolnshire contributes significantly to all three of the Council’s priorities: growing the economy; keeping people safe and well; enabling communities to flourish.

The Annual Education report provides a position statement for education in North Lincolnshire and an opportunity to celebrate our shared successes.

Annual Education Report 2018-19 [PDF, 3.5Mb]

Annual Education Report 2017-18 [PDF, 4Mb]

Annual Education Report 2016-17 [PDF, 768Kb]

Annual Education Report 2015-16 [PDF, 512Kb]

Annual Education Report 2014-15 [PDF, 498Kb]

The Adult Social Care Annual Review is a document that is written every year to help people understand more about the services the council provides to adults living in North Lincolnshire.

The document talks about how services make a difference to people’s lives and how we support in ways that enable people to have choice and control in the way they want to live their lives.

The report details how we are performing, the challenges we have faced, the changes we have made and our priorities for the coming year.

The North Lincolnshire Youth Justice Plan details our commitment to supporting children to live safe, successful lives and to reduce their involvement in the criminal justice system. It sets out the priorities for the North Lincolnshire Youth Justice Partnership, how partners will work together to build on the strong picture in North Lincolnshire and plans for further developing youth offending services.

Find out more about the North Lincolnshire Youth Justice Partnership which continues to provide services that make a difference for young people, their families and the community as a whole.

The SEND Inclusion Plan Annual Report 2019-2020 summarises the work we have undertaken to implement our SEND Inclusion Plan. It is also an opportunity to celebrate our shared successes.

Our SEND Inclusion Plan was co-produced with North Lincolnshire Council, North Lincolnshire Health and Care Partnership and the Parents’ Involvement and Participation (PIP) Forum. All partners have a very important role to play in improving the outcomes for children and young people with SEND. As partners working together we set ourselves very high aspirations and expectations so that equity of opportunity and excellence in achievement do become the norm for all.

Read previous SEND Annual Reports here.

We also provide detailed information on how North Lincolnshire Council has consulted and sought view of its stakeholders, especially parents and carers and children and young people with regards to the Local Offer. It also provides information on how the Local Offer has evolved and been shaped by the findings of feedback provided.

Read the ‘You Said, We Did’ reports here.

All Directors of Public Health are required to produce an annual public health report which summarises the current health of the local community.  They highlight where progress has been made over the previous 12 months as well as any local issues which need to be addressed.  Previous reports can be found below:

Annual Public Health Report 2019/20 [YouTube video]

Annual Public Health Report 2018 [PDF, 10Mb]

Annual Public Health Report 2015

Annual Public Health Report 2014 [PDF, 8Mb]

The Annual Skills and Employability Report 2019/20 [PDF, 2Mb] provides an update of activity against the priorities within the Skills and Employability Plan (SEP). The SEP articulates the high level ambitions set out within the Council Plan which we need to achieve in order to drive forward skills and employment in our area in order to achieve a more highly skilled workforce, higher paid jobs and full employment.