Bus passes and services

How to apply for, or renew, a bus pass. Find bus routes and changes to bus services.

Bus pass information

For bus pass applications please contact Shopmobility or your local Community Hub. You will be informed what documents are required and whether an appointment will be recommended.

Check if you are eligible for a bus pass by visiting our dedicated eligibility page.

You must be a resident of North Lincolnshire if you wish to apply for a North Lincolnshire pass.

Please note that children under five do not qualify for a bus pass.

No photograph is required as this is taken when you apply.

There is no charge for a bus pass on first application or renewals of expired cards. Other requests for replacements are subject to a charge of £10.  Your bus pass will be sent via the postal service and will take about a week.

You will need to bring proof of your eligibility with you when you apply.  Some applications may take longer if your supporting evidence is not sufficient.

Bus passes will be posted to your address and should be received within four to five working days.

Renewing your bus pass

Please note that you will not receive your new pass automatically, you will need to contact us to renew it.

You can renew your pass up to a month before it expires.

We cannot renew a pass which has been issued by a different authority. If you are now a resident of North Lincolnshire you will need to apply for a North Lincolnshire pass. (See information below; where to apply)

Renewing an older person’s pass

If your address has changed you must tell the officer this before your pass is renewed.

If you have an older person’s pass that is due to expire, as long as you are happy with your photo, you can renew your pass by:

If you would like a new photograph then you need to go to your Information, Advice and Guidance centre, or Shopmobility in Scunthorpe, for them to take a new photo and to re-issue your pass.

There is no charge for a bus pass on first application or renewals of expired cards. Other requests for replacements are subject to a charge of £10.

Renewing a disability pass

If your address has changed you must tell the officer this before your pass is renewed.

Disability passes can only be re-issued on proof of continuing eligibility. You will need to take proof to your nearest Community Hub or the Shopmobility office in Scunthorpe for them to renew your pass.

The following proofs of eligibility can be used to renew your pass:

  • DLA (Disability Living Allowance) letter issued within the last 12 months showing high rate mobility
  • PIP (Personal Independence Payment) letter issued within the last 12 months showing at least eight points against either the ‘Moving Around’ and or ‘Communicating Verbally’ activities. The whole of the letter must be brought as proof in order that these can be seen.
  • WPMS  – War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement
  • Blue Badge
  • Certificate of Registration from Adult Social Services (showing blind or partially sighted, dual sensory loss, deaf with or without speech, learning disability)
  • A letter from the DVLA revoking your driving licence, or, a letter from a consultant or other medical professional, for example, qualified mental health practitioner, which confirms that the applicant would be refused a driving licence on medical grounds (other than because of persistent misuse of alcohol or drugs).  Letters should be dated within the last 12 months.

If you don’t have any of the above then you can check our eligibility pages for further information on how you might qualify for a pass.

There is no charge for a bus pass on first application or renewals of expired cards. Other requests for replacements are subject to a charge of £10.

You can apply for or renew a bus pass at of the following places:

Scunthorpe Shopmobility

Located in Fenton Street, Scunthorpe (on the ground floor of the Parishes multi-storey car park – near the bus station).

Opening times

Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 12.30pm and 1pm to 3.30pm
Saturday: 9am to 12.30pm and 1pm to 3.30pm

Bus pass application times

Monday to Friday: 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm
Saturday: 9.30am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm

For bus pass applications an appointment is recommended. Please call 01724 297000 (option 5, then option 5 again)

You can apply at the following community hubs:

  • Ashby Community Hub
  • Baysgarth Community Hub
  • Brigg Community Hub
  • Crowle Community Hub
  • Epworth Community Hub
  • Winterton Community Hub

Appointments are advisable. Please call the hub during opening times. Address, telephone number and opening times can be found on the libraries page.

Using your pass on buses

Your North Lincolnshire concessionary fare pass is valid on all local registered bus services in both North Lincolnshire and the rest of England.

In North Lincolnshire you can use your pass at any time of the day. You can also catch a bus from anywhere in North Lincolnshire and travel to surrounding areas. However, if you get off this bus and it is outside North Lincolnshire, then you cannot use your pass to travel again until after 9.30am and before 11pm on a Monday to Friday.

Example: If you get a bus from Scunthorpe to Hull at 7.35am you would arrive at Hull interchange at 8.22am. You would have to pay the fare if you then travelled on another bus before 9.30am.

You can use your pass anytime in any area of England on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday.

You cannot use your pass on National Express Coaches, national trains, London Underground services, trams or ferries.

Using your pass on trains

Your North Lincolnshire pass is only valid for use on local trains. These are Scunthorpe to Grimsby/Cleethorpes and Barnetby to Gainsborough or Lincoln and any stations in between. Your journey must start or end within North Lincolnshire.

A pass with a one train symbol allows a reduction in standard class travel on local trains.

A pass with two train symbols allows free travel in standard class on local trains.

Older person’s passes are issued with a one train symbol only. A two train pass may be issued for limited disabilities. With a pass showing a one train symbol you can buy a half fare return ticket for these local train journeys. There is one third off single tickets.

If you require any further information please contact public transport, your Community Hub or the Shopmobility office when you make your bus pass application.

A pass with the ‘+C’ companion element allows the companion a reduction in standard class travel on local trains regardless of whether the pass holder has one or two train symbols.

Applying for a bus pass – Bus pass easy read version [PDF, 934Kb]

Travelling on public transport can be difficult for the elderly or disabled. North Lincolnshire Council have created a series of cut-out cards. You can use these cards to tell the driver about any requirements that you may have when getting on the bus.

All you need to do is:

  • Print off the sheet which can be downloaded below
  • Cut out the card(s) that are appropriate to you
  • Keep them with your bus ticket / concessionary travel pass
  • When you get on a bus, hold the card up to let the driver know what help you need.
  • Journey Assist Cards  (Please download and print)

Stagecoach also offer a journey assist card on their website.

Bus services, infrastructure and changes

You can plan a journey using the Traveline website.

Please be aware that there have been some timetable changes to Hornsbys services, please check Traveline before travelling.

Alternatively, you can plan a journey using the Traveline website:

You can also access bus times by text using the identification code for the relevant bus stop (all start with SCU) or by texting ‘traveline’ to 84268 for times of next departures from any stop sent to your mobile browser. Standard text message rates apply

Download the Stagecoach app for iOS or Android.

Download the EY Buses app for iOS or Android.

Download the Hornsbys app for IOS or Android. Hornsbys information can be found on Hornsbys website.

Bus timetables

Please check with the bus operators or www.traveline.info before travelling

East Yorkshire  01482 592929

First South Yorkshire 0345 646 0707

Hornsbys 01724 282255

Stagecoach 0345 605 0 605 – General enquiries

Scunthorpe Bus Station,  Scunthorpe General Hospital and Broadway in Ashby have been fitted with Real Time Information (RTI) signs.

Real Time Information works using satellite tracking of the bus location. It calculates the arrival times based on the current traffic conditions and journey times.

More real time bus information can be found at www.traveline.info

Using the www.traveline.info website, passengers can plan journeys from and to a postcode, postal address, town or village, named station or stop, or point of interest.

Passengers can also call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 to plan a journey. Calls are charged at 12 pence per minute from landlines and mobiles for a call to this number; your phone company may add its own access charge but should let you know about this.

Bus stops

We are responsible for the provision of bus infrastructure in North Lincolnshire and a programme of improvements has seen changes made to stops throughout the area.

One of these improvement measures is the raising of kerbing to make it easier for those with a disability or parents with pushchairs to get on and off. Other improvements include installing a pole, green sleeve, flag and case to bus stops.

Most stops are installed where it has been custom and practice for the bus to stop. Sometimes this isn’t always the safest place. When a stop is being upgraded, consultation takes place with local residents, the operator, the public transport department and the police.

If objections are received then alternatives will be looked at, however it may be that the site chosen is the only safe and convenient place.

Bus shelters

Damage to the shelters – for example, broken panes, graffiti or structural damage – costs the council thousands of pounds a year.

Smoking is not allowed in enclosed shelters.

Reporting damage

Please contact us with a description of the damage and the location of the bus stop or shelter.

Reports of damaged bus shelters are passed to the contractor for repair. These are then programmed to be dealt with in batches as this is more cost effective than dealing with repairs on an individual basis.  Therefore, it could take a few weeks for bus shelters to be repaired.

Please report damage to shelters or stops to the customer contact centre on 01724 297000 or email public.transport@northlincs.gov.uk.

Fares are set by the operator. If you require fare information then please contact the operator directly.

If you have a comment, query or complaint regarding a bus service, bus stop or shelter then please contact the Public Transport Department on public.transport@northlincs.gov.uk or call 01724 297000.

We will try to resolve any issues you may have but you may be asked to contact the bus operator directly.

If you feel that your complaint is not being dealt with satisfactorily then you may also contact the non-profit organisation, Bus Users UK.


We continually review our performance and feedback to ensure we are providing the best possible bus service and would like to hear about any comments, compliments or feedback you may have.

Please  use the feedback form below to share your comments with us.

Just Go North Lincs

JustGo North Lincs  is an on-demand bus service operating for people travelling in North Lincolnshire.

You book and pay directly from your smartphone through the JustGo North Lincs mobile app and, using the latest technology, track the bus in real-time to the meeting point of choice. Tel: 01482 592959

Statutory notices

A number of important changes were introduced to the Bus Service Operators Grant 2014 [PDF, 45Kb] from 1 January 2014.  This council received the payments for all bus operators who run a subsidised bus route service in North Lincolnshire.

A proportion of the payment continues to be paid directly to bus operators from the Department for Transport (DFT). The rest of the grant is used to maintain the current level of subsidised bus routes in North Lincolnshire.

Subsidised routes are those which could not economically operate without support.

As part of the grant conditions, North Lincolnshire Council is required to report on how they have made use of these funds by completing a short survey issued by the DFT, details of which can be found in the Devolved BSOG Grant Annual Outputs Report 2023  [PDF, 456Kb]. Full details of the methodology used can be found in the document.

Covid-19 Bus Service Support Grant and Restart Grant

The Covid-19 Bus Service Support Grant (CBSSG) and CBSSG Restart Grant were paid by the Department for Transport between 17 March 2020 and 31 August 2021 to ensure that bus services continued to run while passenger numbers were reduced due to Covid-19.  Read more about how we distributed the funding to local bus companies. [PDF, 80Kb]

The council is required to implement a travel concession scheme for the older people and people with certain disabilities. As part of the scheme, we reimburse bus operators for carrying concessionary passengers.

The current scheme [PDF, 288Kb] is intended to cover the financial year 2024/25.

The National Bus Strategy for England, published on 15 March 2021, formalises the expectation that Local Transport Authorities and bus operators will work in partnership to deliver better bus services in their areas.

This National Strategy sets out the vision and opportunity to deliver better bus services for passengers across England, through ambitious and far-reaching reform of how services are planned and delivered.

It is envisaged that the Enhanced Partnership will apply to the whole of the North Lincolnshire Council’s area. All operators of registered local bus services which operate within the North Lincolnshire Council area will be invited to participate in the development and delivery of the Enhanced Bus Partnership.

For further information please contact Heather.Barratt@northlincs.gov.uk or public.transport@northlincs.gov.uk

Notice of Intent

At its meeting on 22 June 2021, North Lincolnshire Council gave approval to proceed with the development of an Enhanced Partnership. The commencement of this is confirmed through this notice of the intention to prepare an Enhanced Partnership Plan and accompanying Enhanced Partnership Schemes, as required and set out in section 138F of the Transport Act 2000.       Dated: 23 June 2021

Representatives from various organisations stood in front of vehicles from each company.

Following the submission of the Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) The North Lincolnshire Enhanced Bus Partnership Board was set up on 27 July 2023.

The Enhanced Bus Partnership Board will be the decision-making body of the North Lincolnshire Enhanced Partnership. The Enhanced Bus Partnership Board will agree an annual work programme setting out its key priorities and areas for action and improvement to local bus services and bring significant long-term improvements for passengers. The Enhanced Bus Partnership Board will meet at least four times per year.

Bus Passenger Charter

The  Bus Passenger Charter [PDF, 204Kb] has been produced by North Lincolnshire Council along with local bus and coach operators as part of the authority’s Bus Service Improvement Plan.

Enhanced Bus Partnership Plan & Scheme

The North Lincolnshire Council Enhanced Bus Partnership Plan and Scheme were “made” on 15 November 2023, for implementation on 20 November 2023. The Plan is for a four-year period between 2023 – 2027 and is directly and solely derived from the North Lincolnshire Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP).

Enhanced Bus Partnership meetings

North Lincolnshire Council has published this revised Bus Service Improvement Plan which is intended to set out clearly the vision and plan for improving bus services and growing bus patronage to pre-pandemic levels in line with the National Bus Strategy.

This document was developed in collaboration with our main local operators: Stagecoach East Midlands, Hornsby Travel and East Yorkshire Buses.