Roads, paths and transport

How we maintain our highway network


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Road and path maintenance

Parts of the network that need to be kept in good condition. This also includes roadworks, obstructions and street furniture.

Keeping things clean and tidy

Things that need to be cleaned or tidied up, like litter and dog fouling. This also includes hedge and grass cutting.

Road safety

Concerns or problems with things that keep us safe on the roads or paths. This also includes road markings, lighting, crossings and gritting.


Information about parking. This also includes related tasks, such as Parking fines and Blue Badges.

Public transport and amenities

Services and infrastructure that help you get around the area without a car. This also includes buses, trains and Shopmobility.

Drainage and flooding

Problems with drainage of water and information about flood risk and sandbags.

Related Services

Walking and cycling

Infrastructure that helps you enjoy walking and cycling activities. This also includes issues with gates and stiles or Public Rights of Way.

Permits and applications

Get permission to make a change that affects the public highway. This also includes street adoption and Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs).

Regulations and policy

Council policies and plans for managing the roads and paths.