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Graffiti and fly-posting

Graffiti is written words, tags and ‘art’, often in spray paint, which are usually put up on walls, buildings and street furniture without the consent of the owners or occupiers.

Graffiti is an illegal activity, which may cause offense. It generally appeals to a minority audience to the detriment of most people and the amenity of the area.

Fly-posting is when posters are put up without the consent of the owner of the structure or surface where they are placed.

Fly-posting is an illegal activity, which may cause offence. It is generally aimed at a minority target audience to the detriment of most people, the amenity of the area and to the commercial gain of individuals.

Before we can remove reported graffiti, we may need to contact you to discuss the matter in more detail. We will aim to contact you within two working days, either by letter or telephone, or we can arrange a home visit.

Once reported, graffiti and fly-posting will be removed within five working days or scheduled to be removed within 28 days. We will remove racist or offensive graffiti and fly-posting within one day of it being reported to us.

We have a dedicated team that uses specialised equipment to remove graffiti and fly-posting from all council owned alleyways, footpaths, street furniture, litter bins, notice boards, street signs, street benches and traffic islands. We may also remove graffiti and fly-posting from private property.

We will investigate instances of graffiti and fly-posting. Anyone found to have undertaken graffiti or fly-posting can be issued with a £80 Fixed Penalty Notice or will be prosecuted.

If you have received a fixed penalty notice for graffiti or fly-posting, it can be paid online:

01724 297000


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