Collection dates

North Lincolnshire Council provides a weekly collection service which alternates between residual waste and recycling.  There are a small number of properties which are on a weekly black sack collection, for example, flats and maisonettes.

Your bin and box collections

To see details of collections for the next three months, please enter your address below.

On mobile devices, you may need to tap your address twice to show your list of upcoming collections.

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Changes to collections

For updates and information, visit our service disruption page, or follow us on  and .

Collection times

Please ensure your bins, boxes and bags are put out for collection at the edge of the property where it meets the pavement by 7am on the correct day and taken in when empty.

Bank holidays

Over bank holiday periods your waste and recycling collection dates may vary. Please check your collection dates carefully to make sure you don’t miss your collection.