What we are doing

Find out what projects the council have been involved in on our road to A Green Future.

Protecting and enhancing our green spaces

Work focusing on the environment and horticultural diversity has continued at Central Park in Scunthorpe, which has recently had its Green Flag status confirmed following an inspection by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Four other beautiful spaces – Woodlands Memorial Gardens, Kingsway Gardens, Sheffield Park, all in Scunthorpe, and Baysgarth Park in Barton, have also received Green Flag status.

Working with the newly formed Friends of Lincoln Gardens, work has begun preparing the second largest meadow creation zone across the county.

There are now eight numbered birdboxes around Central Park. The challenge is to visit and find them all, a free outdoor activity that celebrates Park diversity.

Waters’ Edge

Work has been carried out at Waters Edge to reduce the overgrown brambles to encourage water vole habitats.

Man cutting back overgrown brambles at Waters Edge

Planting evergreens and perennials at Barnetby Top

Green spaces – Barnetby Top

NLC boasts some nationally leading Green Spaces. These accredited sites scoring highly on the basis of their sustainability and environmental impact. The team continue take this formula and scatter it around the county in various locations. This week has seen the team attending Barnetby Top to create a mini-urban park utilising the Green Flag formula towards planting and environment. That is to say that the area has been planted with evergreen/perennial themes, weed controlled and over-laid with reclaimed bark/chippings.

Tree planting

Over the last week the arboriculture team began planting trees across the county to have an immediate environmental impact. Over the coming weeks 230 trees will be planted for different projects such as the Queens Green Canopy and NLC A Green Future.

Tree planting across North Lincolnshire

Andy Fidell receiving an award

Green Spaces

The RHS were in town this week presenting North Lincolnshire Council with various awards for our work on environmental projects and commitment to ‘green management’ and development. The picture shows the Silver Gilt for Scunthorpe being received by Andy Fidell and was presented for works spanning the full breadth of Scunthorpe. This includes environmental work, community involvement and standards in horticulture.

Central Park’s Carbon Garden receives award

This garden was designed and created as an NLC/John Leggott partnership and the photo sees Karl Dalzell receiving the certificate. The garden, with a 100-year olive tree at the heart of the scheme, was highlighted for its creation and purpose.

Karl receiving award

Poly tunnel greenhouse

Expanding our nurseries

The Parks and Green Spaces team have added in-house growing capacity by 140% with the addition of two large polytunnels. In 2020 NLC procured 100% of seasonal plants externally with shipments arriving from the South and Wales. NLC can now proudly extoll that 50% can now be grown in-house with local suppliers now used as we move towards 100% in-house.

Kingsway Gardens project

The Parks team are underway with a major Kingsway Gardens Project. The team are enthusiastically lowering/taming peripheral shrubbery/vegetation so driving/walking past via Doncaster Road/Kingsway reveals the gardens and showcases another of the council’s great green sites that residents and visitors can enjoy.

flower beds at Kingsway Gardens

community volunteers planting trees

Working with community volunteers on their local park

Surveys were conducted with the local community on what they want for their park. As a result of the surveys the following were identified as priorities – enhanced tree planting, wild-meadow creation, bulb planting, additional seating, edging and reshaping curbed areas, a raised planter with bedding, additional bins, bird/bat boxes and new signage.

After three days in the park with Green Space staff and the volunteers, we are pleased to update that – tree population in the park has increased 40%, two large wild-flower meadows have been created and are now showing stems, 4000 bulbs have been planted, new seating has been ordered, all edging works have been completed, a raised planter is now in and being planted with colour, 20 bird/bat boxes have been installed, new signage ordered.

Tree planting to be fast-tracked as council set to join Humber Forest partnership

People across North Lincolnshire will see even more trees planted across the area as the council joins a pan-Humber organisation delivering the Government’s ambitious Northern Forest scheme.

Already more than 90,000 trees have been planted towards the aim of 172,000 – one for every resident in the area.

News story – Tree planting to be fast-tracked as council set to join Humber Forest partnership

newly planted trees

bicycle on cycle path

New Scunthorpe cycle path planned

Cyclists will soon be able to travel safely between key facilities in Scunthorpe, connecting Frances Street with Lloyds Avenue via a route that passes the train station, The Pods, University Campus North Lincolnshire, and Central Park.

It is the latest phase of the council’s multi-million pound transformation of North Lincolnshire’s cycle network, and follows the £500,000 extension to the hugely popular Scunthorpe Ridgeway route, which opened earlier this summer.

News story: New Scunthorpe cycle path to connect landmarks in latest active travel boost

Green space protected for families to enjoy

A wildlife haven between Bottesford and Ashby is to be protected to create a three-mile corridor of green space for nearby families and visitors.

The two-and-a-half-acre site, to the south of Lakeside Parkway and east of Wisteria Way, will now be cared for and protected to secure and enhance its natural features after being formally designated as a village green.

News story – Green space protected for families to enjoy

Photo of a young woman walking through a meadow holding hands with two young boys

Royal Horticultural Society logo

Three awards for our  green spaces

The town of Scunthorpe received a Silver Gilt for its broad work around environment, horticulture and approach to green space commitment.

Scunthorpe was the outright winner spanning the full spectrum of the East Midlands for meadow creation. Another demonstrator of NLC committing to a national cause and leading the way.

The Central Park Memorial Garden also picked up an award for ‘new landscape’ and a ‘Judges’ pick’.

NLC have now collected eight external certificates of excellence for the year 2022 so far.

Haxey Nature Reserve transformed

Haxey Nature Reserve has been transformed in a dramatic makeover: work was carried out to enhance the seven-hectare site to make it easier for people to enjoy. Tree work and scrub clearing have created areas for wildflowers to flourish as the council drives forward its Green Future commitment – slashing carbon emissions and achieving net zero by 2030.

News story – £10,000 transformation of Haxey Nature Reserve completed

Photograph shows the Axholme Line Nature Reserve in Haxey

variety of vehicles involved in litter picking

Cleaning up the A15

In partnership with multiple council services and local landowners we undertook our closure and cleaned up the A15. A number of works were carried out including, drainage, gully cleaning, street lighting, line marking, road sweeping, verge cutting, arboriculture, hedge maintenance, fly tip clearance and litter picking. Over 200 bags of litter have been collected.

Look out for the new signs coming soon.

Hugely popular Scunthorpe walking and cycling route opens

A popular cycling route has been further extended, meaning even more people across Scunthorpe can safely access jobs, education and leisure.

The Scunthorpe Ridgeway – just part of hundreds of miles of cycle paths available across North Lincolnshire – has been extended from Burringham Road to Hammerton Road, expanding access across the town from north to south.

News story –  Hugely popular Scunthorpe walking and cycling route opens after £500,000 levelling-up cash injection.

People stood near a cycling route

ariel view of carbon garden

Carbon Garden in Central Park

North Lincolnshire Council are very proud of their association with John Leggott College, specifically their commitment to using North Lincolnshire’s greenspaces as locations to deliver horticulture and environment education while supporting improvement and development.

The Parks and Green Spaces Team visited the team of students and set out the parameters of the project; a garden within the park that focuses on capturing carbon, promoting positive carbon behaviour, enhancing our green spaces and providing education and consciousness on positive environmental impact.

We were overwhelmed with the ingenious design proposals submitted by the students. The winning design came from Charlie Farquhar.

Charlie suggested the should follow the shape of a carbon atom. The nucleus is a mature olive tree (olive trees have good carbon absorbing qualities). The shells (rings) will be planted with native wild-flowers with denser planting representing the electrons (pollinator zones).

There will also be wider planting of trees and evergreens around the carbon atom.

Resurfaced footpath at Templar’s Bath

We have resurfaced the public footpath at Templar’s Bath Well so people can use this for walking.

Resurfaced footpath

Worker sweeping the pavement

Town centre beat sweepers

Now the extended and exceptional dry weather has passed and risk reduced, all our Town Centre Beat sweepers have now been trained on the operation of some newly purchased weed burners. This will enable regular treatments in the town centre, reduction in the use of chemical treatments and overall improved street scene, supporting Greenspace colleagues with the wider weed programme.

Protecting green spaces against unlawful camping

Work is underway to start securing sites and protecting green spaces against unlawful camps. In this instance it is fencing, but tree planting is being used where possible to combine site security whilst enhancing the natural environment.

workers erecting fencing

image of community allotments

Wheatfield allotments

Wheatfield allotments has been identified as a pilot area for fusing allotment management with A Green Future. We are supporting the development of a potager – an ornamental vegetable garden – featuring ha-has and a bog-garden for pollination, ecology and biodiversity.

Young Mayor’s Environment Award

To kickstart the Young Mayor’s Environmental Award Project the Young Mayor, Alexia Dibdin, has launched a competition for residents to get creative and reuse old goods for new projects.

The initiative involves recycling fly tipped tyres from around the area, giving residents the opportunity to use their creative flair and put these tyres to beneficial use in other environmentally friendly ways.

News story – Win a family pass to Normanby Hall Country Park by re-using rescued fly tipped tyres.

children playing on a tyre swing

Rapid roll out of electric vehicle chargers

Twenty new electric vehicle chargers will be installed in car parks across North Lincolnshire – giving drivers unprecedented access to clean, green energy.

The project is designed to create a future-proof network of charging infrastructure ahead of the global transition to electric vehicles.

News story – Rapid roll-out of EV charging points as strategic network expanded with Government cash.

North Lincolnshire’s parks amongst the best in the country

Five parks in North Lincolnshire have been awarded the coveted Green Flag Award 2022 and are officially recognised among the country’s best parks.

They are Central Park, Kingsway Gardens, Sheffield Park and Woodlands Memorial Park in Scunthorpe and Baysgarth Park in Barton.

News story –  North Lincolnshire’s parks are among the best in the country.

flowerbed in a park

volunteers developing community garden

Working with community to develop their local park

We have worked with the Friends of Lincoln Gardens; Transforming Jubilee Parks community group, attending their monthly meetings and we prepared a large space of the local park for a large native-British meadow. They all came out to throw the seed down.

Green transport boost for homecare workers

A new fleet of clean, green and affordable electric mopeds will help homecare workers ensure more residents stay safe and well across North Lincolnshire.

North Lincolnshire Council has purchased 20 new mopeds, which make it easier for care workers to travel and deliver care across communities.

News story –  Green transport boost helps more homecare workers to support residents.

solar panels on a roof

Solar panel rollout set to slash energy bills for schools

A ground-breaking new scheme using Government cash to help schools go green and reduce their energy bills will be rolled out  summer 2022.

Schools in Scunthorpe will be fitted with solar panels free of charge – reducing carbon emissions and dramatically slashing energy costs.

News story – Government cash delivers major green boost for schools as solar panel rollout set to slash energy bills.

Brambling Way, Scunthorpe tree planting

A meeting was held with Neighbourhoods’ staff to plan street tree planting for next season. Work with Humber Forest is ongoing for the 0.5 hectare planting scheme at Brambling Way, Scunthorpe.

Sign about not dropping litter

Council launches new offensive in war against litter

A new offensive is being launched across North Lincolnshire as the council’s crack-down on litter louts intensifies.

Hundreds of bins across the county will be doubled in size and emptied more frequently, enhancing the network of more than 1,500 already in place.

News story – Council launches new offensive in war against litter.

Council’s flower displays

The North Lincolnshire Council bedding/flower displays for 2022 are done (excluding a few small schemes). Over 25,000 plants in and ready to be enjoyed for the summer.

display of flower beds

Samaritans donate ‘talking benches’

Thanks to the Samaritans, we have received four additional benches that will be sited around our parks. Made of a composite material designed around woodland blending , they are themed around talking and will encourage people to enjoy nature and come outdoors, improving both mental and physical health.

Wrawby footpath cleared for walking and cycling

A length of approximately 200 metres of Public Footpath 288 along Moor Lane at Wrawby, just west of Keeper’s Cottage, has been resurfaced after severe waterlogging was occurring and it wasn’t usable as a walking or cycling route.

volunteers clearing reed beds

Alkborough reed beds cleared

Local Nature Reserve Officers along with volunteers at Alkborough cleared reeds by hand to improve the views from the bird hides.

Monster bin

One of our operatives, Stephen, came up with an idea to recycle and repair an old bin to site in a park where we have lots of litter issues. In his own time, he has repaired, painted and designed a litter picker arm attachment as a way of encouraging visitors to keep the area clean. If it works, we will move the bin around so watch out – it could soon be coming to a park near you!

waste bin decorated like a monster

row of terraced houses

Warmer homes

An award-winning scheme that kept 163 North Lincolnshire homes warm last winter is rolling out its third phase to residents. This aligns with the council’s Green Future strategy.

Last winter, 163 homes benefited from the grants – resulting in an overall potential annual energy savings bill of £24,363, as well as 153.5 tonnes of carbon.

News story –  More local families to enjoy warmer homes thanks to Government grant cash.

New planters at Crosby One

A garden and large planter have been created at Crosby One. Vegetables grown in the planter will be donated to the local food bank.

new flower beds planted

new hedges planted along roadside

Hedging the Queensway

Our pledge to replace old fencing with laurel hedges along the Queensway is almost complete.

Community clean day

The street cleansing team organised and led a community clean day in Crosby with support of Scunthorpe Litter Pickers, Broughton Wombles and other local volunteers. We collected in excess of three tons of waste in the form of fly tipping, bagged waste, bulky items and general litter.

group of volunteer litter pickers

Elsham Quarry pathway cleared

At Elsham Quarry the grass and hedges were cut around all pathways to make a lovely walking route.

Alkborough Flats bird hides painted

The volunteer group at Alkborough Flats cleaned and painted bird hides.

Volunteer painting bird hide

Goxhill bridleway (Nan Bingham) cleared

Goxhill Parish Council alerted us to the fact Public Bridleway 58, also known as Nan Brigham, was extremely difficult to use, especially on horseback, owing to low-hanging trees. Offending branches have been lopped and the bridleway is now passable.

Tree planting at Central Park

One huge piece of feedback for Central Park from the Green Flag judges was its array and diversity of trees. So, it was fitting that the week saw a further 20 trees planted. That’s 58 trees planted over the duration of the last 12 months, meaning it has averaged a new tree every week. It all helps us reach our target of planting 172,000 new trees – one for every person in North Lincolnshire.

newly planted trees