Parks, playgrounds and open spaces

We have some fabulous green spaces around North Lincolnshire, and  our work focusing on the environment and horticultural diversity continues.

Our parks and playgrounds

Planted flower beds at Baysgarth Park

Fountain Central Park

Exercise equipment at Baysgarth Park

Play equipment at Baysgarth Park

Flower beds in Central Park

Armed forces staff raising the flag at Central Park

We are proud of our parks in North Lincolnshire and we currently have six that have been awarded with a Green Flag. Work is ongoing in parks across the county to improve the standard and facilities available.

Our parks:

We currently manage 63 playgrounds across North Lincolnshire.

We aim to strike a balance between providing challenging and stimulating play and learning – as well as meeting current safety requirements.

Most of our playgrounds cater for two to 12 year olds, although several of our sites provide equipment suitable for teenagers.

Find your nearest playground

Select an area from the list below to access an interactive map for its area Postcode:

 Area Street  Town/village  Postcode
 Dam Road playing area  Dam Road  Barton upon Humber  DN18 5AU
 Humber Bridge Viewing Area  Waterside Road  Barton upon Humber  DN18 5BH
 Baysgarth Park – Playbuilder 2010  Brigg Road  Barton upon Humber  DN18 5DH
 Marsh Lane playing Area  Marsh Lane  Barton upon Humber  DN18 5JD
 Tofts Road playing Area  Tofts Road  Barton upon Humber  DN18 5NG
 Oak Drive CPG / POS  Oak Drive  Barton upon Humber  DN18 6BY
 Belton picnic Area  Station Road / A161  Belton  DN9 1JN
 Almond Grove playing area  Almond Grove  Brigg  DN20 8AU
 Kings Avenue playing Field  Bigby Road  Brigg  DN20 8BZ
 Woodbine park – Playbuilder 2009  Preston Drive  Brigg  DN20 8NH
 Western Avenue playing area  Western Ave  Brigg  DN20 8PY
 Queens Drive CPG  Queens Drive  Crowle  DN17 4DL
 Forge Drive CPG  Forge Dive  Epworth  DN9 1JN
 Sandhill Grove CPG  Greenfield Drive  Hibaldstow  DN20 9QE
 Fusilier Way  Redbourne Mere  Kirton in Lindsey  DN21 4NN
 Barnard Meadows CPG  Barnard Meadows  Kirton in Lindsey  DN21 4NZ
 Normanby Hall Country Park  Normanby Road  Normanby  DN15 9HU
 Grosvenor St CPG – Playbuilder 2010  Grosvenor Street  Scunthorpe  DN15 6BD
 Station Road CPG – Playbuilder 2010  Station Road  Scunthorpe  DN15 6RQ
 Teale Street CPG  Teale Street  Scunthorpe  DN15 6TR
 Lodge Moors CPG Playbuilder 2009  Moors Road  Scunthorpe  DN15 7EL
 Kingsway Gardens – Playbuilder 2010  Kingsway  Scunthorpe  DN15 7HU
 Dale Street CPG  Dale Street  Scunthorpe  DN15 7LU
 Berkeley Park Playbuilder 2009  Dewsbury Ave  Scunthorpe  DN15 8AW
 Gloucester Court CPG  Gloucester Court  Scunthorpe  DN15 8GQ
 Sheffield Park – Junior CPG  Ferry Road  Scunthorpe  DN15 8LY
 Sheffield Park – CPG  Ferry Road  Scunthorpe  DN15 8LY
 Sheffield Park MUGA – Teen shelter  Ferry Road  Scunthorpe  DN15 8LY
 Sheffield Park Skate Park – Jnr BMX  Ferry Road  Scunthorpe  DN15 8LY
 Willowmead Close CPG  Willowmead Close  Scunthorpe  DN15 8US
 Central Park – New play area 2010  Ashby Road  Scunthorpe  DN16 1AB
 Lilac Avenue CPG –  Playbuilder  2010  Lilac Avenue  Scunthorpe  DN16 1JQ
 Warley Road CPG  St Boltophs Road  Scunthorpe  DN16 1PR
 Bellingham Rd CPG – Playbuilder 2010  Bellingham Road  Scunthorpe  DN16 1RZ
 Rowland Road Park  Rowland Road  Scunthorpe  DN16 1SX
 Queens Street CPG  Queens Street  Scunthorpe  DN16 1TG
 New Jubilee Park – two to teen   Lincoln Gardens  Scunthorpe  DN16 2AS
 New Jubilee Park – Skate Park  Lincoln Gardens  Scunthorpe  DN16 2AS
 Jubilee Playing Field  Lindley Street  Scunthorpe  DN16 2ED
 Laburnum Grove CPG  Laburnum Grove  Scunthorpe  DN16 2HA
 Staindale Rd CPG – Playbuilder 2009  Staindale Road  Scunthorpe  DN16 2QL
 Somervell Road ***  Somervell Road  Scunthorpe  DN16 3BG
 Hillary Road CPG  Hillary Road  Scunthorpe  DN16 3DT
 Everest Rd playing field – Junior CPG  Everest Road  Scunthorpe  DN16 3DZ
 Everest Rd MUGA and teen shelter  Everest Road  Scunthorpe  DN16 3DZ
 Everest Rd field – Playbuilder 2010  Everest Road  Scunthorpe  DN16 3DZ
 Oakwell Close CPG  Oakwell Close  Scunthorpe  DN16 3FD
 Birch Drive CPG  Birch Drive  Scunthorpe  DN16 3GU
 Copse Road CPG – Playbuilder  2009  Copse Road  Scunthorpe  DN16 3HZ
 Wilkinson Way CPG  Wilkinson Way  Scunthorpe  DN16 3NS
 West Common Gardens CPG  West Common Gardens  Scunthorpe  DN17 1EJ
 Dean Road CPG  Dean Road  Scunthorpe  DN17 1HG
 Manor Park – Junior CPG  Burringham Road  Scunthorpe  DN17 1PN
 Manor Park – Playbuilder 2009  Burringham Road  Scunthorpe  DN17 1PN
 Manor Park – AdiZone outdoor gym  Burringham Road  Scunthorpe  DN17 1PN
 Manor Park – Skateboard Park  Burringham Road  Scunthorpe  DN17 1PN
 Salisbury Close CPG  Salisbury Close  Scunthorpe  DN17 1PZ
 Parkwood CPG – Playbuilder 2010  Plymouth Road  Scunthorpe  DN17 1SS
 Temple Road CPG  Temple Road  Scunthorpe  DN17 1WE
 Asterby Road CPG – Playbuilder 2009  Asterby Road  Scunthorpe  DN17 2DL
 Enderby Road CPG – Playbuilder 2009  Enderby Road  Scunthorpe  DN17 2HE
 Riddings Play’field – Playbuilder 2009  Keelby Road  Scunthorpe  DN17 2NE
 Alberta Crescent CPG  Alberta Crescent  Scunthorpe  DN17 2TG

 Notes relating to the above table:

CPG = Children’s playground

*** This new children’s playground includes a junior BMX track and football kick-about area

You can also download a copy of the Children’s playgrounds list [PDF, 8Kb]


We undertake routine grass cutting, tree and hedge pruning, and shrub and rose bed maintenance in all areas we are responsible for.

We carry out bedding planting twice a year in May and October.

We prune our hedges and trees between September and February in line with best practice guidelines: Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 includes for the protection of certain habitats, and the RSPB sets out best practice guidelines. These state that hedges should never be cut during the bird nesting season (between March and August).

Please note that during extended dry weather conditions, some grass cutting operations may become unnecessary, and continued bad weather may prevent some of our planned maintenance work.

If you notice that grass has not been cut in an extended period of time, you can report grass cutting to the council.

Horticultural standards

We also manage district and local parks. Our mobile gardening teams visit sites regularly to ensure that horticultural maintenance is carried out to a high standard.

Gardening staff ensure that the quality and range of horticultural features are maintained appropriately. These include:

  • Grassed areas
  • Litter collection
  • Flower and shrub beds
  • Hedges
  • Playgrounds
  • Outdoor sports facilities

Our teams also make sure that standards of cleanliness and health and safety are achieved by regular inspection.

If you need to report an issue with broken equipment or vandalism, please complete the form below: