Target Zero – Ambitious new partnership aims to eradicate waste from North Lincolnshire homes going to landfill

Bins, Waste and Recycling
16:46, Tuesday, 21st March 2023

Record lows of waste going to landfill from North Lincolnshire homes will be slashed even further through an ambitious new partnership.

Already, less than one per cent of waste collected from resident’s green bins goes to landfill.

This will be reduced further as North Lincolnshire Council partners with Transwaste – a company which has made huge investments in new technology and advanced sorting processes.

Cllr Rob Waltham, leader, North Lincolnshire Council, said: “We have ambitious plans to eradicate any waste from any North Lincolnshire family going to landfill – we’re already below one per cent and now is the time to double down on the commitment to push even harder.

“While the council carries on doing everything it can to eradicate waste going to landfall, we still need residents to play their part too, lots of people making simple, small changes can have a huge impact.”

The new partnership is founded on innovations which mean even more of the 46,000 tonnes of general waste collected every year from the 75,000 homes across the area will be recycled, used for composting or to generate green energy.

Cllr David Rose, the council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “We are committed to our ambitious pledge to preserve and enhance the environment of North Lincolnshire.

“It is great to have found a partner which shares this vision and is investing in the technology to make this a reality. As well as using green transport and plant equipment the company is donating to tree-planting projects and is committed to employing local people and supporting schools and colleges.

“This is all part of the bigger picture of A Green Future for North Lincolnshire, where everyone can make a difference, from companies like Transwaste to residents pledging to recycle their own waste and swap bins for composters.”

The ten-year contract with Transwaste will ensure residents will continue to have a wide range of recycling opportunities and support the council’s pledge to go net zero by 2030.

The new partnership also includes the processing of 2,700 tonnes of bulky items every year and adds to the gully waste contract which has seen around 7,000 tonnes of roadside debris turned into green waste and compost, along with fuel for clean energy.

Paul Hornshaw, Managing Director of Transwaste said: “Transwaste is committed, not only to people and innovation, but also to the council’s carbon reduction plans.

“After successful delivery of an initial five year contract, the new deal makes this a fifteen year partnership with North Lincolnshire Council, to process their waste and recycle metals, plastic, cardboard, and RDF for clean energy recovery, ensuring that less than one per cent goes to landfill.

Nicola Hearfield, Transwaste Contracts Manager said: “We are delighted to have been successful with this tender. As a business we’re fortunate to have a team that is dedicated to our ongoing success.

“Each of us contributes to fund-raising activity and volunteer resources during working hours to the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE)  sector, which supports local community projects.

“In North Lincolnshire, these include Lindsey Lodge Hospice and Humber Rescue Independent Lifeboat Charity and we will be expanding this further over the next ten years.”

Photo: Jacek Kwapisz, Transfer Station Deputy Manager,  Karen Broderick, Waste Services Manager, Cllr David Rose, Cabinet Member for Environment, all from North Lincolnshire Council, along with Nicola Hearfield, Transwaste Contract Manager and Jonny Bryant, Transwaste Transport Manager