North Lincolnshire Council

Apply for a school place

The deadline for making online applications for transferring from primary or junior school to secondary school in September 2019 was 31 October 2018. If you have not yet applied please contact the School Admissions Team for a paper form to be sent to you.

Online applications for starting school in reception in September 2019, or transferring from infant to junior school in September 2019 will be available from October 2018 until 15 January 2019.

In year transfers

If you want your child to move school at any other time (for example if you have moved house), this is known as an in year transfer.

You can contact the School Admissions Team if you would like a paper form sent to you.

Supplementary information for all Catholic schools and Wootton St Andrew’s Church of England Primary school

If you are applying for a place at one of the Catholic schools in the area, or at the Church of England primary school in Wootton, in addition to completing the main application form either online or on paper,

you will also need to complete a supplementary form.