North Lincolnshire Council

Consultations for admission arrangements

North Lincolnshire Council is not making any changes to the admission arrangements for its schools for the 2020/21 intake year.

Some of the academies and other schools in North Lincolnshire that are responsible for their own admission arrangements are proposing to make changes for the 2020/21 intake year which require public consultation and the council is coordinating these consultations on behalf of the following academies and schools:

Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire is seeking to remove its Year 10 intake. This is because in 2019 the UTC will be taking students a year earlier in Year 9, so there is no longer a need for a Year 10 intake. As the UTC now has an additional year group (five year groups rather than four) it also needs to reduce its admission number from 150 to 120, as it can accommodate up to 600 students.

Outwood Academy Brumby is seeking to reduce its admission number from 180 to 172. This is because the academy is unable to accommodate 180 per year group from September 2020. The building capacity is 860. In order to facilitate 180 per year group the academy would require three additional classrooms to be built.

Outwood Academy Foxhills is seeking to reduce its admission number from 152 to 150. This is because the size of the building does not allow for extra classes to be formed. It would mean that building work may be necessary to accommodate the extra class that may have to be formed by the higher number.

South Axholme Academy is seeking to reduce its admission number from 193 to 180. Factors that have been considered by the governing body in deciding to consult on this proposal include: the continued ability of the academy to provide sufficient places for local children, the provision of the most appropriate learning environment for all students thus facilitating continuing school improvement, future resource planning and management including staffing, the capacity of the academy buildings and site and resources management will be more effective.

Full copies of the proposed arrangements are in the documents section of this page.

The schools listed above are consulting on their admissions arrangements from Friday 14 December 2018 to Friday 25 January 2019. Parents can send their comments on the proposed changes in the admission arrangements to or via post to Sean Kendrew, Access Manager (Admissions and Transport), North Lincolnshire Council, PO Box 35, Station Road, Brigg, North Lincolnshire, DN20 8XJ.

St Bede’s Catholic Voluntary Academy, St Augustine Webster Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy, St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy, St Mary’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy, and St Norbert’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy are seeking to revise the definitions for “other Christians” and those of “other faiths”. The changes will bring the schools in line with the arrangements in place for other Catholic Dioceses in England and Wales. They are consulting from Monday 3 December 2018 to Monday 14 January 2019 and their consultation can be accessed at