Coronavirus information, advice and guidance

Council Tax
12:15, Wednesday, 26th February 2020

Public Health England have provided important information, advice and guidance for residents concerned with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Useful information about Coronavirus has been collated on the North Lincolnshire Council website.

Penny Spring, Director of Public Health at North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“More than 6,500 people in the UK have been tested and as of February 26 only 13 cases have been confirmed – eight of these have now recovered. As stated by the UK chief medical officer, the risk, at present, in the country is considered moderate.

“We continue to monitor the situation, working with partners regionally, nationally and internationally.

“The best, and most effective advice, is for people to maintain good hand hygiene and take extra precaution if they are suffering from coughs and colds.

“Public Health England continues to provide a wide range of information, advice and guidance which we have now collected and collated to provide succinct updates for people, schools, business and health and social care providers. This is available by visiting northlincs.gov.uk/coronavirus.”

Illustration of COVID-19, created by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).