Further boost for pensioners with share of £500,000 Government cash

Council Tax
15:11, Tuesday, 20th September 2022

Almost 5,000 pensioners in North Lincolnshire will get a share of a huge £500,000 Government cash pot to help with energy costs.

As part of this latest round of support, each pensioner already receiving council tax support will receive £100 cash this month without the need to apply.

It comes on top of the £150 council tax energy rebate, the £400 winter payments for every eligible household and for some, the winter fuel allowances.

Cllr Rob Waltham, leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “This cash boost is just the latest measure from the council using Government cash which has put millions of pounds in put into the pockets of people in North Lincolnshire to help deal with global inflation.

“This process is simple, easy and safe – there is no application process, those eligible will get a letter that can be taken to Post Offices to get £100 in cash in their hand.”

Cllr Elaine Marper, cabinet member for finance and governance, said: “We know many pensioners are on fixed incomes and rising energy costs can hit them the hardest. This money, along with a whole host of other support measures, will go a long way to help them.

“We have already had millions of pounds from Government to directly help people across North Lincolnshire deal with the rise in energy costs.”

All pensioners receiving full or partial council tax support will get the £100. There is no need to pay it back and those living in homes in all council tax bands are eligible. This payment is in addition to the £150 energy rebate.