Budget 2023: Investment boost for the most vulnerable in North Lincolnshire

Council Tax
15:54, Tuesday, 14th February 2023

Supporting people to live independently for longer will see a £1m boost as North Lincolnshire Council agreed it’s budget.

It comes after general council tax was frozen in North Lincolnshire – protecting thousands of families from further pressure on household finances.

Cllr Richard Hannigan, deputy leader and cabinet member for adults and health, said: “I am proud to be a member of North Lincolnshire Council, the organisation unfailingly puts people first.

“With that in mind, we recognise that residents are under financial pressure at this time, we could not have put in a huge increase in their council tax bills and added to that.”

The budget for 2023/24 was set by the full council on Monday, 13 February 2023. General council tax was frozen, and the adult social care precept increased by 1.75 per cent.

Those on the lowest income will see no increase as the council will use an almost £200,000 fund from Government to reduce nearly 7,000 families’ bills by £25 this year. A further 3,000 pensioners on full council tax relief don’t pay council tax.

Cllr Hannigan added: “The decision will challenge us to find innovative ways to both sustain and improve everything we do to ensure we continue to put people first and continue to deliver better outcomes for residents.

“We must not forget those people in North Lincolnshire who are the most vulnerable though and we had to ensure we have the resources to effectively deal with the need while developing new ways to enable people to live longer, healthier lives.

“This additional funding will be targeted to ensure we reduce need, enabling people to be in their homes, their families and their communities.

“We will also be working ever closer with colleagues across the health sector to shape the broader system and ensure better outcomes. This links to enabling business to create new jobs, for new homes to be built, creating a healthy environment, building on the already excellent education and promoting healthy living.”