North Lincolnshire is divided into 17 electoral wards represented by 43 councillors. These wards have one, two or three council seats.

Following the local elections on 2 May 2019, the Conservative Party has 27 seats and the Labour Party 16 seats on the council.

Councillors are elected every four years and are democratically accountable to residents of their wards. The overriding duty of councillors is to the whole community but they have a special duty to their constituents, including those who did not vote for them.

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Our councillors

You can find your local councillors with your postcode using the form below.


We have also listed all our councillors in the following table, sorted alphabetically by surname.

Councillor Political Party Ward
ALI Mashook Labour Town
ALLCOCK Ron Conservative Axholme South
ARMIGER Margaret Conservative Bottesford
ARMITAGE Susan Labour Brumby
BAINBRIDGE Sandra Labour Frodingham
BRIGGS John Conservative Axholme North
CLARK Peter Conservative Ferry
COLLINSON John Labour Ashby
DAVISON Andrea Labour Ashby
DAVISON John Conservative Bottesford
ELLERBY Tony Labour Frodingham
ENGLAND John Conservative Ridge
EVISON Jonathan Conservative Barton
FOSTER Len Labour Brumby
FOSTER TREVOR Conservative Ridge
GLOVER Ivan Conservative Broughton and Appleby
GOSLING Tony Labour Kingsway with Lincoln Gardens
GRANT Mick Labour Ashby
HANNIGAN Richard Conservative Ferry
KIRK Mark Labour Crosby and Park
LONGCAKE Derek Conservative Bottesford
MARPER Elaine Conservative Burton upon Stather and Winterton
MITCHELL Tim Conservative Axholme Central
MUMBY-CROFT Holly Conservative Broughton and Appleby
OGG Ralph Conservative Burton upon Stather and Winterton
O’SULLIVAN Christine Labour Crosby and Park
POOLE Neil Conservative Ridge
RAYNER Helen Labour Kingsway and Lincoln Gardens
REED Julie Conservative Axholme North
ROBINSON David Conservative Axholme Central
ROSE David Conservative Axholme South
ROWSON Helen Conservative Burton upon Stather and Winterton
SHERWOOD Carl Conservative Brigg and Wolds
SHERWOOD Nigel Conservative Brigg and Wolds
SOUTHERN Darryl Labour Crosby and Park
SWIFT Steve Labour Brumby
VICKERS Keith Conservative Barton
VICKERS Paul Conservative Barton
WALSHE Josh Conservative Burringham and Gunness
WALTHAM Robert MBE Conservative Brigg and Wolds
WELLS David Conservative Ferry
WILSON Stuart Labour Kingsway and Lincoln Gardens
YEADON Lorraine Labour Town

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