North Lincolnshire is divided into 19 electoral wards represented by 43 councillors. These wards have one, two or three council seats.

The composition of the Council is Conservative Party has 27 seats and the Labour Party 16 seats.

Councillors are elected every four years and are democratically accountable to residents of their wards. The overriding duty of councillors is to the whole community but they have a special duty to their constituents, including those who did not vote for them.

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Our councillors

You can find your local councillors with your postcode, using the form below.

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We have also listed all our councillors in the following table, sorted alphabetically by first name.

Councillor Political party Ward

Your councillor’s role

Elected members have several roles. These include:

  • representing their constituents
  • decision-making, either as a cabinet member or on the council
  • membership of overview and scrutiny panels
  • regulatory decisions, for example on planning and licensing

The councillors are champions of their local communities and seek to balance often competing interests to achieve an outcome satisfactory to the majority.

Labour and Conservative group offices

North Lincolnshire Council has two group offices, staffed by non-political officers to enable the council’s elected members (councillors) to go about their business in the most effective and efficient way.

The group offices are there to provide a full secretarial and administrative support service to the elected politicians.

Staff in the group offices ensure that councillors are able to respond to their constituents on a range of local issues, and have their diaries kept up to date for the numerous meetings they have to attend – not just on the council but in respect of many outside organisations.

Some of the councillors are present most days at the group offices, others less so, perhaps having to split their political duties with full-time careers and domestic arrangements.

Staff in each of the respective group offices are able to take your call or email and make the necessary arrangements.

The Labour Group and Conservative Group offices are based at:

Church Square House
30-40 High Street
North Lincolnshire
DN15 6NL