Imagination Library

Free books for children from birth to five years

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a 60 volume set of books. It begins with the children’s classic ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ by Beatrix Potter. Each month a new, carefully selected book will be delivered to your home and addressed to your child. Best of all it is a free gift! There is no cost or obligation to your family.

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Who is eligible?

The programme has now been launched across the whole of North Lincolnshire. All children from birth to five years who live in North Lincolnshire are eligible to register.

Where can I register?

You can register for the Imagination Library using our online form below:

You can also register:

  • at your local children’s centre
  • at your local library
  • with your health visitor
  • at school
  • at early years providers

If you have more than one child each child may participate

What do I need to do?

You need to live in North Lincolnshire. Parents or guardians need to complete and submit an official registration form. Books will be sent to the address on the registration form.

If you move please let us know by contacting us on 01724 296652 so we can ensure your child will continue to receive books at their new address.

When will I receive the books?

Eight to 10 weeks after your registration form has been received. Books will start to arrive at your home and will continue until your child turns five or you move away from North Lincolnshire.

Imagination Library feedback

Your feedback is important to us and helps influence the selection of future books. Please leave your feedback by clicking on the link below, alternatively you can call us on 01724 296652.

Group 1 – Born in 2020: Faces

In the first few years of life, babies’ vision is still developing. They see first of all in black and white, and in bright, high contrast colours such as yellow and red. Designed to develop babies’ eyesight, this book of large, friendly faces will stimulate vision from birth. With clearly-defined simple images that even the youngest children will respond to, it provides a multi-sensory experience that will help focus a baby’s attention and concentration. Wave to mummy, daddy, the animals, the sun, the flower… and who’s that in the mirror?

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Group 2 – Born in 2019: Whose Feet

Who’s that hiding on every page? Young children will love guessing who the different feet belong to in this bright, sturdy lift-the-flap book from Ladybird. Read the rhyming text with your child and talk about what clues you can see in the pictures. Then lift the giant flaps to reveal the animal each time.  Did you guess whose feet they were?

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Group 3 – Born in 2018: Goodnight Digger

“Goodnight fire truck, Goodnight train. Goodnight bus and even bigger… Best of all, say goodnight digger!”
A little boy says goodnight to all his toys, but who is the favourite? Why, it’s Digger of course! With a rhyming text and atmospheric illustrations, Goodnight Digger will help your little darlings go to bed and stay there.

This month in Group 3, you could receive Do Dare Duck.

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Group 4 – Born in 2017: The Giant Jumperee

Rabbit was hopping home one day when he heard a loud voice coming from inside his burrow. “I’M THE GIANT JUMPEREE AND I’M SCARY AS CAN BE!”

When Rabbit’s friends Cat, Bear and Elephant come to help they are each scared away in turn by the mysterious voice. He can squash you like a flea, he will sting you like a bee, and he’s taller than a tree!

But who is the Giant Jumperee? Inspired by a traditional African tale, this is a read-aloud classic from internationally bestselling author Julia Donaldson, beautifully brought to life by award-winning illustrator Helen Oxenbury.

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Group 5 – Born in 2016: Hair Love

It’s up to daddy to give his daughter an extra-special hair style in this story of self-confidence and the love between fathers and daughters.
Zuri knows her hair is beautiful, but it has a mind of its own. It kinks, coils, and curls every which way. Mum always does Zuri’s hair just the way she likes it – so when daddy steps in to style it for an extra special occasion, he has a lot to learn. But he LOVES his Zuri, and he’ll do anything to make her – and her hair – happy.

Please see relevant links below:

  • Watch Hair Love, the Oscar winning short film


Group 6 – Born in 2015: First Fabulous Facts: Planet Earth

Fun and fascinating facts engage young children and bring their favourite interests, hobbies and obsessions to life. Planet Earth helps children understand the world around them. It looks at the concepts of land and water, climate and weather, as well as our planet’s different habitats and the animals that live in them.

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As part of a heart-warming new project between The North Lincolnshire Children’s Literacy Trust and The Health Tree Foundation, every baby on Scunthorpe Hospital’s Neonatal Ward will be given literacy gift packs, including a copy of the award-winning book ‘Guess How Much I Love You’, as well as a Singing Together CD and lots of information designed to support families in this crucial early stage of their babies development.

Please leave feedback on the Neonatal Book Gifting Scheme using the link below, or call us on 01724 296652.
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