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Register for free books for your under five, give feedback on the Imagination Library scheme, get tips and ideas for activities to do with the latest books.

Free books for children from birth to five years

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a 60 volume set of books. Each month a new, carefully selected book will be delivered to your home and addressed to your child. Best of all it is a free gift! There is no cost or obligation to your family.

The programme is available across the whole of North Lincolnshire. All children from birth to five years who live in North Lincolnshire are eligible to register.

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Register for the Imagination Library

You can register for the Imagination Library using our online form:

You can also register:

  • at your local children’s centre
  • at your local library
  • with your health visitor
  • at school
  • at early years providers

If you have more than one child, each child may participate.

You will receive your books eight to 10 weeks after your registration form has been received. Books will start to arrive at your home and will continue until your child turns five or you move away from North Lincolnshire.

Moving address

If you move please let us know by completing the online form or contacting us on 01724 296652 so we can ensure your child will continue to receive books at their new address.

Sign up for Imagination Library ideas sheets

Sign up for the Imagination Library monthly ideas sheets containing ideas and activities for the Imagination Library Books you receive each month

Imagination Library feedback

Your feedback is important to us and helps influence the selection of future books. Please tell us what you think by completing the feedback form below.

Singing Together playlist

Singing Together is a collection of songs sung by local parents and early years practitioners. There is no accompaniment and the songs have been sung slowly so that you can hear the words and the children can join in.

Wherever you are, take the chance to talk and sing together. It really doesn’t matter whether we can sing in tune – it’s the being together and having fun that really matters.

Listen to the songs and have fun singing & talking together!

Download the words to the songs – Singing Together [PDF, 141Kb]

This playlist has been produced by a partnership of North Lincolnshire early years practitioners, parents, speech & language therapists and Tots on Tour Ltd Lincolnshire UK.
www.totsontour.co.uk   www.inproductionmusic.com

All children under five in North Lincolnshire can receive a free book every month from the Imagination Library. Sign your child up from birth and they’ll receive 60 books in total to help start a lifelong love of books and reading.

Once your child has graduated from the scheme, continue sharing stories together through your local library.

As children’s reading ability improves, they will often like to go back and read for themselves the books they got when they were younger. Even if you think your child has grown out of one of their books, it’s a good idea to keep it. They’ll probably love to rediscover it for themselves in a few months – or even years.

Continue Sharing Stories

Once a child turns five, they’ll graduate from the Imagination Library, however this is just the start of a lifelong love of books and reading.

You can continue sharing stories with your children for free through your local library. Our children’s libraries have thousands of books for your child to choose from, for all different ages, so you can continue to develop their vocabulary, reading and communication skills together.

If you want to buy some books, why not look out for ones in the same series as those your child loved from the Imagination Library?

Re-gifting the Imagination Library Books

Once your child has graduated from the Imagination Library, you may want to re-gift your books. You could give your books to family and friends with young children. Even if they live in North Lincolnshire and are signed-up to the Imagination Library, some of the books change year-on-year so they will likely get different ones.

June 2022

Group 1 – Born in 2022 – Baby Touch Animals

Baby Touch Animals [PDF, 1Mb] -This fun book of farm animals is full of pictures to engage your baby.
Cuddle up close and make the sound for each animal in the book….. moo, oink, neigh, baa!

For more ideas visit:

Group 2 – Born in 2021 – Whose Stripes?

Whose Stripes – Read the rhyming words together with your child and talk about what you can see in the pictures. Explore the patterns and guess the animal it belongs to. Lift up the flap with your child to see if you are right.

For more ideas visit:

Group 3 – Born in 2020 – Little World Shopping Trip

Little World Shopping Trip – a lovely interactive book which tells the story of a busy shopping centre.
Point to the pictures and talk about what is happening on each page.

For more ideas visit:

Group 4 – Born in 2019 – 100 Cats

100 cats – Full of lovable, funny cats and clever rhyming text this is the perfect book for you and your child to share day or night.

For more ideas visit:

Group 5 – Born in 2018 – When I Grow Up… Farmer

When I Grow Up – Farmer – This is an information book all about being a farmer. You can read this book in any order.
Use the contents page to let your child choose which part they want to read first.

For more ideas visit:

Group 6 – Born in 2017 – Harry and the Guinea Pig

Harry and the Guinea Pig – Harry is a cheeky dog who loves having lots of attention. But when the neighbour’s guinea pig comes to stay, Harry feels quite left out!

When Harry accidentally lets the guinea pig escape at school, it’s a disaster! Can Harry use his detective skills to save the day?

For more ideas visit:

As part of a heart-warming new project between the North Lincolnshire Children’s Literacy Trust and the Health Tree Foundation, every baby on Scunthorpe hospital’s neonatal ward will be given literacy gift packs. This includes a copy of the award-winning book ‘Guess How Much I Love You’, as well as a ‘Singing Together’ CD and lots of information designed to support families in this crucial early stage of their babies development.

Please leave feedback on the neonatal book gifting scheme using the link below, or call us on 01724 296652.

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