Planning policy – The North Lincolnshire Local Plan

The Local Plan and associated maps, policies and guidance.

The North Lincolnshire Local Plan

The North Lincolnshire Local Plan was adopted in May 2003 and is used to make planning decisions. This plan has been replaced by the Local Development Framework.

Some of its policies have been replaced following the adoption of the Core Strategy and the Housing and Employment Land Allocations DPD.

NOTE: Most of the policies included in the plan have been saved together with a number of supplementary planning guidance notes and development briefs. Please read the saved policies:

You can view hard copies of the Local Plan at Church Square House in Scunthorpe and your nearest Information, Advice and Guidance centre or library.

Please contact us if you would like a copy of The Local Plan or any of the individual chapters.

North Lincolnshire Council is currently preparing a new Local Plan for North Lincolnshire which will eventually supersede both the 2003 Local Plan and the Local Development Framework plans. Please click on the A new Local Plan link below for further information.

Due to the large size of the plan we have separated the text into its individual sections. They should be read alongside the saved policies direction [PDF, 34.7Kb] and the lists of deleted policies [PDF, 26.4Kb] orreplaced policies [PDF, 61.1Kb]as well as the Inset Maps and Proposals Map.

 Chapter  Title  Size
  Chapters and index of policies  142Kb
  Foreword  80.3Kb
  How to use this document  71.7Kb
  Introduction  124Kb
  Aims and objectives  170Kb
 1   Strategy  810Kb
 2   Population and housing  1199Kb
 3   Industry and employment  557Kb
 4   Rural development  362Kb
 5   Shopping and town centres  405Kb
 6   Mixed use development  191Kb
 7   Transportation  450Kb
 8   Leisure and recreation  320Kb
 9   Community facilities  180Kb
 10   Landscape and conservation  920Kb
 11   The ironstone gullets  188Kb
 12   The historic environment  318Kb
 13   Minerals  250Kb
 14   Waste  301Kb
 15   Development standards  352Kb
 16   Monitoring and review  147Kb
  Appendix 1  50Kb
  Appendix 2  69Kb
  Appendix 3  165Kb
  Glossary of terms  115Kb
  Credits  47Kb


The chapters are provided as Portable Document Format [PDF] files. To view them you will require the appropriate software. An Adobe Acrobat reader can be downloaded free from the Adobe website (full instructions for downloading the reader are provided on the website).

The Local Development Framework – Housing and Employment Land Allocations DPD was adopted on 7 March 2016. The housing and employment allocations, town and district shopping centre boundaries and settlement development limits shown on the Local Plan inset maps have now been replaced. See below for details.

For these items, please use the proposals map and inset maps for the Housing and Employment Land Allocations DPD. These maps also show the saved policy notations from the Local Plan.

The Local Plan included a total of 96 inset maps covering every town, village, industrial estate and minerals site in the area. They show how the plan affects these areas.

They should be read alongside:

The settlement boundaries defined on the inset maps are no longer used for planning and development management purposes. Those defined on the inset maps from the adopted Housing and Employment Land Allocations DPD should be used instead.

Conservation areas can be appraised or altered. For the most up to date conservation areas please refer to our Conservation Area Appraisals section (below).

The proposals map [PDF, 4.93Mb] is a general map covering the whole area. It shows where policies covering a large area will apply.

 Key for insets [PDF] (28K)
01 – Alkborough [PDF] (211k) 49 – Barton upon Humber Town Centre [PDF] (501k)
02 – Althorpe and Burringham [PDF] (274K) 50 – Brigg Town Centre [PDF] (351K)
03 – Amcotts and Flixborough Industrial Estate [PDF] (230K) 51 – Scunthorpe Town Centre [PDF] (554K)
04 – Appleby [PDF] (196K) 52 – Ashby Town Centre [PDF] (705K)
05 – Barnetby le Wold [PDF] (354K) 53 – Elsham Wold Industrial Estate [PDF] (125K)
06 – Barrow upon Humber [PDF] (539K) 54 – Goxhill South End and Industrial Estate [PDF] (186K)
07 – Barton Upon Humber [PDF] (2mb) 55 – Humberside Airport [PDF] (302K)
08 – Belton, Westgate and Carrhouse [PDF] (583K) 56 – Sandtoft Airfield [PDF] (180K)
09 – Bonby [PDF] (201K) 57 – South Humber Bank [PDF] (4.7mb)
10 – Brigg [PDF] (1.6mb) 58 – Ulceby Skitter and Industrial Estate [PDF] (238K)
11 – Broughton [PDF] (548K) 59 – Ironstone Gullets [PDF] (17mb)
12 – Burton Upon Stather [PDF] (496K) 60 – Low Melwood [PDF] (105K)
13 – Crowle [PDF] (613K) 61 – Barton Upon Humber [PDF] (1.8mb)
14 – Ealand [PDF] (312K) 62 – Barrow Haven [PDF] (259K)
15 – East Halton [PDF] (270K) 63 – Silica Sands [PDF] (526K)
16 – Eastoft [PDF] (174K) 64 – Messingham [PDF] (625K)
17 – Elsham [PDF] (250K) 65 – Flixborough [PDF] (189K)
18 – Epworth [PDF] (741K) 66 – Haxey [PDF] (398K)
19 – Flixborough [PDF] (141K) 67 – Barrow Haven [PDF] (259K)
20 – Garthorpe and Fockerby [PDF] (181K) 68 – Beltoft [PDF] (105K)
21 – Goxhill [PDF] (479K) 69 – Cadney [PDF] (89K)
22 – Gunness [PDF] (308K) 70 – Cleatham [PDF] (99K)
23 – Haxey [PDF] (392K) 71 – Coleby [PDF] (106K)
24 – Hibaldstow [PDF] (344K) 72 – Croxton [PDF] (86K)
25 – Keadby [PDF] (409K) 73 – Dragonby PDF 199K)
26 – Kirmington [PDF] (292K) 74 – East Lound [PDF] (107K)
27 – Kirton in Lindsey [PDF] (659K) 75 – Graizelound [PDF] (119K)
28 – Luddington [PDF] (146K) 76 – Greetwell [PDF] (88K)
29 – Messingham [PDF] (644K) 77 – Gunthorpe [PDF] (90K)
30 – New Holland [PDF] (303K) 78 – Haxey Carrs [PDF] (86K)
31 – North Killingholme [PDF] (243k) 79 – Holme [PDF] (91K)
32 – Owston Ferry [PDF] (365K) 80 – Horkstow [PDF] (105K)
33 – Redbourne [PDF] (203K) 81 – Howsham [PDF] (102K)
34 – Roxby cum Risby [PDF] (155K) 82 – Kelfield [PDF] (116K)
35 – Scawby [PDF] (421K) 83 – Low Burnham [PDF] (100K)
36 – Scunthorpe and Bottesford [PDF 16Mb] 84 – Manton [PDF] (76K)
37 – South Ferriby [PDF] (371K) 85 – Melton Ross [PDF] (202K)
38 – South Killingholme [PDF] (325K) 86 – Messingham [PDF] (78K)
39 – Ulceby [PDF] (280K) 87 – Normanby [PDF] (171K)
40 – West Butterwick [PDF] (261K) 88 – Sandtoft [PDF] (127K)
41 – West Halton [PDF] (168K) 89 – Santon [PDF] (145K)
42 – Westwoodside [PDF] (396K) 90 – Saxby All Saints [PDF] (162K)
43 – Winteringham [PDF] (253K) 91 – Thealby [PDF] (99K)
44 – Winterton [PDF] (700K) 92 – Thornton Curtis [PDF] (116K)
45 – Wootton [PDF] (167K) 93 – Walcott [PDF] (98K)
46 – Worlaby [PDF] (211K) 94 – Whitton [PDF] (142K)
47 – Wrawby [PDF] (279K) 95 – Woodhouse [PDF](94K)
48 – Wroot [PDF] (178K) 96 – Wressle [PDF] (86K)

Please note: All documents are provided as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file and will therefore require a reader to view it. A reader can be downloaded free from the Adobe website (full instructions for doing this are provided on the website).

Conservation area appraisals are also classed as supplementary planning guidance (SPGs). These are produced by the Environment team. There are 12 in total.

To help deliver several major development sites in the area, we have produced a number of development briefs.

These set out the key issues affecting the sites. They provide suggestions about how they can be overcome.

Brigg North Development Brief

Falkland Way Development Brief, Barton upon Humber

North of Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe

If you would like a copy of the policy please contact us.

We have an interim planning policy that is designed to ensure developer contributions towards transport infrastructure on the South Humber Gateway is secured.  If you would like a copy of the policy please contact us.

North Lincolnshire Council is preparing a new single Local Plan for North Lincolnshire. Once agreed (formally adopted), it will replace the current North Lincolnshire Local Plan, the Core Strategy and the Housing and Employment Land Allocations Development Plan Documents (DPDs).