Health Programmes

It’s important for everyone to look after their wellbeing and stay healthy, both physically and mentally. For those who have underlying health conditions or who would welcome some extra support, we’re here for you.

If you have a long-term condition, we understand you might not feel up to being active every day and you may be worried about doing more harm than good. However, you can start small, and you don’t have to get moving when you don’t feel up to it. Ultimately, being active is about finding what works for you.

NL Active programmes

If you’re living with a health condition and want to find ways to improve your health by being active you can join our NL Active Exercise Referral programme.

The NL Active Exercise Referral programme is designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to improve your health and wellbeing through one to one assessments, individually tailored activity plans and support to make the small changes that lead to big differences. Phase one is twelve weeks, with the option to continue on to phase two for an additional twelve weeks.

NL Active Exercise Referral programme [PDF, 369Kb]

NL Active Referral application form  [PDF, 554]

For more information email referral@northlincs.gov.uk

Active Ageing and Active Lincs are programmes aimed at increasing the activity levels of older people or those who have limited mobility or underlying health conditions. Activities include seated exercises, walking sports and active circuits.

Classes are delivered in NL Active facilities, hub settings and local community venues. To find out more about the offer: in facilities email referral@northlincs.gov.uk or in the community email community.recreation@northlincs.gov.uk

Good Boost is an aqua based exercise programme designed specifically for those with musculoskeletal conditions. A personalised programme is designed for you, allowing you to progress at your own pace using waterproof tablets in the pool. A member of staff is on hand to facilitate the session and offer support and advice.
The Good Boost sessions launch at The Pods Monday 4 October and will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays 11:30am to 12:30pm. Places are limited to six people per class and the sessions cost £4.90 or are included in your Fitness+ membership.
Places can be booked online at leisure.northlincs.gov.uk or by telephoning 01724291900. Please arrive 20 minutes before your first session so that you can input your details into the tablet for your personalised programme to be generated.
For more information on the Good Boost water wellbeing programme visit the Good Boost website.

For more information on how we can support you to manage health conditions email referral@northlincs.gov.uk

Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active and become healthier.

The Walking for Health programme in North Lincolnshire started in 2003 and proving more successful than ever. Led walks are regularly being held around North Lincolnshire and are very popular. There are often between 30 and 60 people attending the walks, all of whom have a different reason to be there. Most of our walks are about 3 miles and they take place whatever the weather!

Many of the people who take part do so, not only to improve their health, but also to improve their social life! Its a great way to meet other people and make new friends.

Visit the Walking to Health website to find out more information.

Our Cardiac rehabilitation programme is designed for those who may have had a cardiac event and have been referred either from their GP or from a Phase 3 team at the local hospital.

This programme is built upon the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Standards.

Email referral@northlincs.gov.uk for more information.

The Healthy Lifestyle Service is available for those aged 16yrs+ who live, work or have a GP practice in North Lincolnshire.

What problems can the service help with?

  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • smoking cessation
  • reducing alcohol use
  • becoming more physically active
  • increasing wellbeing including mental and emotional health
  • training around health and wellbeing for those interested in becoming trained as health champions

More information on the Healthy Lifestyle Service can be found on the Living a Healthy Life webpage.

Come along and try our ‘Do Something Different’ sport, leisure and cultural sessions specifically for adults with a disability aged 16 and above. Have fun, meet new people and learn new skills. Activities include rebound therapy, archery, table tennis, boccia and multi sports. To find out more call 01724 297270 or email community.recreation@northlincs.gov.uk.

Our Do Something Different video shows some of our previous activities and what people think to them.

We Are Undefeatable is a campaign supporting those with long term health conditions to be more active. When you’re managing a long term health condition, being active is about finding what works for you.

Visit the We Are Undefeatable website or email us for more information on how we can support you.

ESCAPE-pain is a rehabilitation programme for people with chronic joint pain that integrates educational self-management and coping strategies with an exercise regimen individualised for each participant. It helps people understand their condition, teaches them simple things they can help themselves with, and takes them through a progressive exercise programme so they learn how to cope with pain better.

Find out more about Escape Pain

NL Active Escape Pain application form [PDF, 554Kb]

For  more information email referral@northlincs.gov.uk

North Lincolnshire Council, through NL Active, is launching a new immersive indoor cycling experience specifically for older residents or people with mobility issues.

This exciting new initiative called Motiview is a motivational tool that stimulates and encourages participants to increase their physical, mental and social wellbeing, in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

This initiative is now being launched in four sites throughout North Lincolnshire, those being; The Angel in Brigg, Baysgarth Community Hub in Barton upon Humber, Crowle Community Hub in Crowle, and The Pods in Scunthorpe. Using specially adapted exercise bikes, video and sound, participants can cycle through familiar surroundings in order to not only become more physically active, but to help to facilitate discussion to bring back to life memories and thoughts through the combination of sight, sound and movement.

As part of our commitment to help our residents to remain fit and active with good mental wellbeing, we will be running Motiview sessions as part of our NL Active programming. We will also be pulling a team together to take part in Road Worlds for Seniors in 2022!

Road Worlds for Seniors is an annual event that takes place every September. It is a unique championship that allows older people to take part in a global sporting event.

The championship allows the participants (or cyclists) to become part of something huge and international, and focuses on activity as well as reminiscence for people that perhaps thought they would never take part in an international staged event.

Road Worlds for Seniors is all about having fun in a friendly competitive environment and being part of a community. We want to encourage older people to compete in next years’ Road Worlds for Seniors (2022) , by focussing on abilities rather than disabilities. Join our Motiview team and lets begin this training journey together and see where we end up on the league tables. Hopefully we can blow the competition out of the ‘left hand side lane’ to win this acclaimed tournament!

If you’d like to find out more about the Motiview sessions or you’re interested in taking part in Road Worlds for Seniors 2022 please contact referral@northlincs.gov.uk

To find out more about this wonderful project and the benefits it offers visit the Motiview website 

WelcoMe has been introduced to NL Active facilities.

WelcoMe empowers disabled members and visitors to discreetly inform our staff of the assistance you require before you walk through our door. Using WelcoMe, our staff are aware of what what you need, and know exactly how to help so that you and other disabled members and visitors can receive a warm welcome that meets your needs on arrival. 

For more information and to download the app visit the WelcoMe website.

Starting 13 January 2022, NL Active, in partnership with Active Humber, Parkinson’s UK, CG Health & Wellbeing, Motor Neurone Disease Association, and Activity Alliance, are introducing a neurological exercise programme at Baysgarth Community Hub. The sessions will take place on Thursdays at 2pm and will cost £3.50.

The neurological exercise programme is a seated group exercise session to help improve balance, coordination, strength, and range of movement for those living with neurological conditions. Sessions will last approximately 45 minutes, followed by refreshments in the café area. 

All sessions must be booked in advance at site or by calling 01724291900. For advice as to whether these sessions will meet your needs, speak to a member of staff at Baysgarth Community Hub or email referral@northlincs.gov.uk