Health Programmes

It’s important for everyone to look after their wellbeing and stay healthy, both physically and mentally. For those who have underlying health conditions or who would welcome some extra support, we’re here for you.

If you have a long-term condition, we understand you might not feel up to being active every day and you may be worried about doing more harm than good. However, you can start small, and you don’t have to get moving when you don’t feel up to it. Ultimately, being active is about finding what works for you.

NL Active programmes

If you have a health condition, we understand you might not feel up to being active every day, and you may be worried about doing more harm than good. NL Active’s exercise referral qualified Health & Wellbeing Activators can support you to become more active in a way that suits your individual needs to improve your health through our Exercise Referral Programme.

The NL Active Exercise Referral Programme is designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to improve your health and wellbeing through one-to-one assessments, individually tailored activity plans, and ongoing support from your assigned Health & Wellbeing Activator. You can be referred onto the Exercise Referral Pathway by a healthcare practitioner, or you can self-refer into the programme by emailing referral@northlincs.gov.uk.

The Exercise Referral Programme is split in to two phases, both 12-weeks long. Phase one costs £27.50, and phase two costs £50.

Please see below for the inclusion / exclusion criteria. Please note that we consider each case individually, so if you don’t meet the inclusion criteria, please still get in touch with us so we can assess your needs.

Inclusion criteria for the NL Active Exercise Referral Programme

  • Stable Type 1/ Type 2 diabetes
  • BMI 30.0  to 39.9 with or without CHD risk factors
  • Hypertension 9 (diagnosed and stable less than 180/100mmHg prior to referral)
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Asthma
  • Mild to moderate depression / anxiety
  • Osteo and Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Stroke at least 3 months post event and after rehabilitation
  • Impaired strength / mobility / surgical prep or recovery
  • Fibromyalgia
  • MS
  • Parkinson’s / Huntington’s / Dementia
  • Chronic knee pain and aged 40+
  • Chronic hip pain and aged 40+
  • HBA1C of 42-47 mmol / mol
  • Either going through or recovering from cancer rehabilitation
  • Long covid
  • Stable, controlled coronary heart disease, including angina. The following cardiac patients will be accepted onto the scheme upon completion of phase IV cardiac rehabilitation:
    • Post acute cardiac myocardial infarction
    • Post revascularisation (CABG and angioplasty)
    • Post interventional procedures – valve replacements, transplant, ICD’s etc
    • Stable heart failure and cardiomyopathy, including medication controlled

Exclusion criteria for the NL Active Exercise Referral Programme

  • BMI less than 18.5kg/m2
  • Any unstable medical condition
  • Blood pressure more than 180/100mmHg
  • Resting heart rate more than 100bpm
  • Previous myocardial infarction
  • Chronic respiratory failure and / or in in need of some domiciliary non-invasive ventilation
  • Active retinal haemorrhage
  • Uncontrolled exercise induced asthma
  • Severe mental health state
  • A recent significant change in a resting ECG, recent myocardial infarction or other acute cardiac event (less than 3-months post revascularisation or 6-months post surgery)
  • Unstable or acute heart failure. Unstable or uncontrolled arrhythmias, uncontrolled resting tachycardia greater than 100bpm
  • Stroke in the last 3 months
  • Neuromuscular, musculoskeletal or rheumatoid disorders exacerbated by exercise

NL Active Health & Wellbeing Activators are exercise referral qualified with additional certification in:

  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • MSK
  • Long covid
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Mental health
  • Obesity and weight management
  • Long term neurological conditions

Feedback from customers:

“I feel much fitter and happier. Stacey has helped me feel safe. I wouldn’t have gone to a gym before this, and now I go on my own. It has helped me physically and mentally and I look forward to the classes”

“It has given me more confidence and has helped my mental health as the company is essential to me as I live on my own. Also, I feel better for coming as it helps my disability. Without coming here I would be less able to move about. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done”

“Every day is now better for me. I get up in a morning with a purpose and I look forward to the gym. I can walk further without being breathless and I can even manage stairs. The benefits are numerous – I feel 100% better than I did six months ago. The support I get is first class”

“The Exercise Referral Programme has encouraged me to exercise a lot with lots of support from all the staff involved. At the beginning I was struggling to walk due to being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right knee, but by doing Good Boost regularly and being encouraged by staff, my mobility is so much better. I’ve now started walking on the treadmill and I’m able to walk so much further without being in pain. If I hadn’t joined the Exercise Referral Programme I would have been in a bad situation. I’ve always liked to go out, but my knee was stopping me. Now I can do so much more walking and I can get out more”

For more information email referral@northlincs.gov.uk

Active Ageing and Active Lincs are programmes aimed at increasing the activity levels of older people or those who have limited mobility or underlying health conditions. Activities include seated exercises, walking sports and active circuits.

Classes are delivered in NL Active facilities, hub settings and local community venues. To find out more about the offer: in facilities email referral@northlincs.gov.uk or in the community email community.recreation@northlincs.gov.uk

Good Boost is an aqua based exercise programme designed specifically for those with musculoskeletal conditions. A personalised programme is designed for you, allowing you to progress at your own pace using waterproof tablets in the pool. A member of staff is also on hand to facilitate the session and offer support and advice.
The Good Boost sessions currently take place at Ancholme Leisure Centre, Axholme North Leisure Centre, Baysgarth Community Hub and The Pods. The sessions can be found on our group fitness timetable. Places can be booked online at leisure.northlincs.gov.uk or by telephoning 01724291900. Please arrive 20 minutes before your first session so that you can input your details into the tablet for your personalised programme to be generated.
For more information on the Good Boost programme visit the Good Boost website.

For more information on how we can support you to manage health conditions email referral@northlincs.gov.uk

Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active and become healthier.

The Walking for Health programme in North Lincolnshire started in 2003 and proving more successful than ever. Led walks are regularly being held around North Lincolnshire and are very popular. There are often between 30 and 60 people attending the walks, all of whom have a different reason to be there. Most of our walks are about 3 miles and they take place whatever the weather!

Many of the people who take part do so, not only to improve their health, but also to improve their social life! Its a great way to meet other people and make new friends.

Visit the Walking to Health webpage to find out more information.

Our Cardiac rehabilitation programme is designed for those who may have had a cardiac event and have been referred either from their GP or from a Phase 3 team at the local hospital.

This programme is built upon the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Standards.

Email referral@northlincs.gov.uk for more information.

The Healthy Lifestyle team support people aged 16yrs+ who live, work or have a GP practice in North Lincolnshire.

What problems can the team help with?

  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • smoking cessation
  • reducing alcohol use
  • increasing wellbeing including mental and emotional health
  • training around health and wellbeing for those interested in becoming trained as health champions

More information on how the Healthy Lifestyle team can support you can be found on the Living a Healthy Life webpage.

Come along and try our ‘Do Something Different’ sport, leisure and cultural sessions specifically for adults with a disability aged 16 and above. Have fun, meet new people and learn new skills. Activities include rebound therapy, archery, table tennis, boccia and multi sports. To find out more call 01724 297270 or email community.recreation@northlincs.gov.uk.

Our Do Something Different video shows some of our previous activities and what people think to them.

We Are Undefeatable is a campaign supporting those with long term health conditions to be more active. When you’re managing a long term health condition, being active is about finding what works for you.

Visit the We Are Undefeatable website or email us for more information on how we can support you.

ESCAPE-pain is a rehabilitation programme for people with chronic joint pain that integrates educational self-management and coping strategies with an exercise regimen individualised for each participant. It helps people understand their condition, teaches them simple things they can help themselves with, and takes them through a progressive exercise programme so they learn how to cope with pain better.

Find out more about Escape Pain

NL Active Escape Pain application form [PDF, 554Kb]

For  more information email referral@northlincs.gov.uk

North Lincolnshire Council, through NL Active, delivers an immersive indoor cycling experience specifically for older residents or people with mobility issues.

This exciting new initiative called Motiview is a motivational tool that stimulates and encourages participants to increase their physical, mental and social wellbeing, in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

Using specially adapted exercise bikes, video and sound, participants can cycle through familiar surroundings in order to not only become more physically active, but to help to facilitate discussion to bring back to life memories and thoughts through the combination of sight, sound and movement.

To find out more about this wonderful project and the benefits it offers visit the Motiview website 

MAN v FAT Football is a football league concept that helps players to lose weight as well as get back into football. The UK’s leading men’s weight loss programme, MAN V FAT, supports men to lose weight whilst having fun and enjoying the beautiful game.
In partnership with North Lincolnshire Council, MAN v FAT delivers a weekly session at Frederick Gough School, Scunthorpe. The results from season one were impressive, with 86% of participants losing weight, and 45% achieving more than 5% weight loss.
Sessions take place weekly at Frederick Gough School, Grange Lane South, Scunthorpe, DN16 3NG on Fridays, 7.00pm to 9.00pm.

Investing in the health and wellbeing of North Lincolnshire

The health and wellbeing studios have been developed at The Pods and Ancholme Leisure Centre to support people with underlying medical conditions to become more active and improve their health.

This exciting project used government funding to help improve the health and wellbeing of all North Lincolnshire residents by repurposing the underutilised space at The Pods and Ancholme Leisure Centre converting health suites into new health and wellbeing studios with specialist equipment to aid those who need extra support.

For further information on the Health & Wellbeing Studios at The Pods and Ancholme Leisure Centre contact referral@northlincs.gov.uk

In partnership with Parkinson’s UK, NL Active delivers exercise classes for people with Parkinson’s.

These exercise classes are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. The sessions aim to make your everyday movements a little easier, help you manage symptoms, and improve your everyday strength, posture, movement and balance.

The sessions are delivered at The Pods and Ancholme Leisure Centre. You can find the classes on our group fitness timetable.

The classes cost £3.85 or are included in the Active Exercise Referral membership.

To book your place call 01724291900. If you’d like more information email referral@northlincs.gov.uk

These walking football sessions, funded by Active Humber’s GOGA programme, are for people with long term neurological conditions including Stroke and Parkinson’s.
Walking football is a standard game of football, you just walk instead of run! These sessions are designed to help people with long term neurological conditions improve their fitness, mobility, coordination and overall health and wellbeing. Our health and wellbeing activator will be on hand during the sessions to give advice and support.

Ancholme Leisure Centre

Thursdays, 11.30am to 12.30pm

£3.85 per session or included in the NL Active Exercise Referral programme

Book online at leisure.northlincs.gov.uk, by telephoning 01724291900, or in person at Ancholme Leisure Centre. Payment will be taken at the time of booking.

logo for NL Active Daily Mile

Daily Mile Fit for Life

The Daily Mile Fit for Life is inspiring thousands of people to run, walk, wheel or jog their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Getting outside for regular physical activity has long been shown to have a positive impact on health and wellbeing, and can help us feel refreshed, happier, more productive, and less stressed.

Click below to learn more about the Daily Mile Fit for Life, find inspiration and information on how to get involved, and download items to keep you moving and motivated.

The aim of The Daily Mile is to incorporate 15 minutes of self-paced physical activity (walking, jogging or running) into your daily life, to experience the benefits of regular exercise. We all know that regular physical activity has a positive impact on our health and wellbeing

By getting #FitForLife with The Daily Mile, you are taking the first steps to leading a more active, healthier lifestyle.

This isn’t about elite sport or exercise – simply go outside into the fresh air in what you’re wearing, to get fit in 15 minutes of self-paced walking, jogging, running or wheeling. In this time, most people will average a mile or more. By focusing on the time of 15 minutes rather than on the distance, it keeps The Daily Mile non-competitive, social, and inclusive – everyone can take part at their own pace, regardless of age or ability.

Family activity sheets

These activity sheets will help you to make The Daily Mile more engaging for children.

Keep track of your Daily Mile achievements

Celebrate your Daily Mile achievements

Invite people to join you on your Daily Mile

Workplace motivation

Getting involved in the Daily Mile is a fantastic way to help you achieve the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’.

1. Connect: building connections with family, friends, colleagues, or neighbours can support and enrich you every day. Encourage them to join you on a Daily Mile and make your run/jog/wheel/walk more fun and enjoyable.

2. Keep learning: trying a new hobby or visiting somewhere new can increase your confidence and self-esteem, as well as being fun. Running, jogging, wheeling or walking a Daily Mile can help you see new things where you live, and further away.

3. Be active: moving makes you feel good, whatever the activity. It helps to release feel good hormones which support your overall wellbeing. Simply putting one foot in front of the other moves you from inactive to active. A Daily Mile can give you a real feeling of achievement and satisfaction.

4. Give: giving time or words to others is proven to support wellbeing. Being involved with your community and creating connections with people can be rewarding. Inviting others to run/jog/wheel/walk with you or sharing a smile and saying hello to others will give you a positive sense of self.

5. Take notice: enjoying the moment, being aware of the here and now and noticing the world around you can help you appreciate what matters. Being mindful of the present helps you to feel grounded. A Daily Mile can take you away from your daily routine and stresses – a perfect chance to switch off and enjoy the outdoors.

Are you curious about exercise and maybe considering adding a regular activity into your life? Perhaps you’re wondering how to get started and achieve a Daily Mile that fits into your life? 

Running/jogging/wheeling/walking are straightforward, accessible activities that you can do to help your physical and emotional health. 

You simply need: 

  • Something comfortable to run/jog/wheel/walk in and suitable for the weather & temperature. You don’t need special clothing, footwear, equipment or money. Running/jogging/wheeling/walking is free!
  • A small amount of time to run/jog/wheel/walk. Five, 10, 20 minutes or more. Remember a 20 minute walk or a 10 minute run at steady pace is about a mile. Start small and build up. You can do this!
  • To consider where you might run/jog/wheel/walk. Will the activity be from your own doorstep or further afield? Pick whatever works best for you. 
  • To think about places locally you would like to see. Consider routes that join two landmarks, for example, the park to the café or the doctors to the library. 
  • To make a decision to run/jog/wheel/walk and plan to build it into your routine. 
  • To be kind to yourself. If you don’t exercise when planned, don’t worry, just try again another time. 

The thought of doing a Daily Mile can be overwhelming, remember a mile only takes about 20 minutes of walking and about 10 minutes of running. A mile is approximately 2,000 steps.

  • Sometimes it’s hard to imagine fitting it into your day, but with a little planning and knowing the benefits, you will find it easier to find the time. 
  • Some find the thought of exercising dull, but you can run/jog/wheel/walk with friends, family, with children and the dog too. 
  • It can be very sociable and doing a Daily Mile lets you see and discover things you may never have noticed before. 
  • Feeling you won’t have the right ‘kit’ isn’t a problem either, as you don’t need anything special to wear, just comfortable footwear and clothing. 
  • Some feel a sense of guilt doing something for themselves. Running/jogging/wheeling/walking is so good for you that you will be healthier, happier and have more energy for everyone else as a result. 

Spending time with friends, family or neighbours of all ages boosts your health & wellbeing. Does running/jogging/wheeling/walking with others sound enjoyable? If so, consider inviting others to join you. You can run/jog/wheel/walk with pushchairs and dogs too. Ask your friends, family, neighbours or work colleagues. 

Download a Daily Mile invitation and invite family, friends and colleagues to enjoy a Daily Mile with you. 

When running/jogging/wheeling/walking with others, it is also worth considering;

  • Is the route suitable for use with a pram/buggy or a wheelchair? 
  • Are the paths/pavements wide enough for running/jogging/wheeling/walking side by side, with children, elderly relatives or people requiring additional support? 
  • Is the ground suitable for all? Think about steps, steepness and busy roads. 
  • Consider the lighting, the possible noise and how busy it might be where you are planning to go. Will this be suitable for the activity? 
  • If running/jogging/wheeling/walking with dogs, check they are allowed. 
  • How well-lit is the route at dusk or when dark? Enjoying your run/jog/wheel/walk and not being anxious is important, whether alone or with others. 
  • Set up a group WhatsApp to make plans, remind each other and celebrate involvement.
  • Share motivational tips or try fun challenges with your friends and family 
  • Include activities for others as they run/jog/wheel/walk. Help them learn, laugh and love their Daily Mile too. 

Choosing where and when to do a Daily Mile and knowing how far a mile is may be tricky. 

Check out our Top Tips: 

  • How about starting a run/jog/wheel/walk from your doorstep? This can save time and the familiarity can reduce anxiety. 
  • Maybe add a run/jog/wheel/walk onto the school drop off or walk to the shops instead of driving. Finding a time and place that fits your routine will help. 
  • Consider a run/jog/wheel/walk further afield, take public transport or drive to a different place. Look for free carparks. 
  • Remember some routes may be ‘there and back’ others may be ‘circular’. Work out which is best for you. 
  • Think about taking a different route to the shops/doctors/friends. This could increase the distance and help to discover new sights while fitting into your day’s plans. 
  • Make a flask of coffee to drink along the way or swap a drink-in coffee at a café for a takeaway coffee and do a Daily Mile instead. A mile will take less time than an average takeaway coffee does to drink. 
  • Take turns with friends and family to choose a route. This will provide variety and won’t all be left to you. 

There are many free Apps and websites to help you with working out a mile or help you plan a route if you are looking for support or inspiration.  

Working out a mile

Working out how far a mile is isn’t always easy. Why not try the following ideas to help you:

  • At a steady pace a mile is about 20 minutes walking. Time yourself walking 
  • At a steady pace a mile is about 9/10 minutes running. 
  • Using free technology on your phone/tablet can help you to help count your steps. A mile is about 2,000 steps. Check out the download suggestions above. 
  • Decide how long you want to run/jog/wheel/walk for, set a timer on your phone for half that time. When the alarm rings, turn around and go back to the start. 
  • Build up to walking 10 minutes there and 10 minutes back or run five minutes there and five minutes back. This will be roughly a mile. 

Once you have decided to try a Daily Mile, getting started and staying motivated can sometimes be tough. The six steps to staying motivated are:

  • Finding inspiration and setting bite sized goals 
  • Rewarding progress 
  • Making it fun and mixing it up
  • Doing a Daily Mile with others
  • A Daily Mile diary is a great way to monitor progress made and provides a space to record how exercising makes us feel too. 

Remember to celebrate your progress and successes.

Reward yourself when you reach your goals. Phone a friend for a chat, buy a magazine to read, sit and enjoy the surroundings, indoors or out. Small gifts of time to yourself can be very fulfilling.

Remember to celebrate the achievement of goals or targets if you have done a Daily Mile as part of a group. 


The Daily Mile Workplace Toolkit has everything you need to launch a Daily Mile campaign in the workplace or encourage staff working from home to take up a Daily Mile. The step-by-step guide, top tips and the downloadable marketing and promotional resources in this toolkit will help you to achieve your goal.

Daily Mile Workplace Toolkit

Remember to keep a record of what you have done and encourage employees to share their stories and take some pictures or videos of them completing their Daily Mile. This can then be used as evidence to support your organisations Healthy Workplace Portfolio.

We’d love to hear how you’re incorporating the Daily Mile into your working day, so please send us any stories and pictures to thedailymile@northlincs.gov.uk or complete our quick and simple MS Teams form Daily Mile: Fit for Life – Feedback Form (office.com)

Anyone who sends through any stories, photos or completes the feedback form will be entered into a prize draw to win a Fitbit Charge 5 Fitness Tracker watch. This will be drawn on 5th July 2023.

Find information on walking routes and groups in North Lincolnshire including a timetable of Walking the Way to Health walks on our website.

Parent and child looking at wild flowersWhat is Live Well North Lincolnshire?

Live Well North Lincolnshire is an online information hub to help you to find a wide range of organisations, support groups, community groups, events and activities to support you to live your best life.

Most of the information in the directory is local, and in addition, there is information about other organisations which may not based locally but can support people living and working in North Lincolnshire.

Live Well is a community tool that is completely free to use and is continuously being developed.