Current consultations and surveys

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We ensure that services meet the needs and expectations of the community by regularly engaging with you and consulting with individuals, organisations and businesses. We do this through the decision making process.

We will seek your views on a number of areas. These include:

  • Reviewing the direction of the council
  • Helping us to build active, healthy, successful and safe communities
  • Setting the council’s budget and council tax
  • Taking major decisions about council policy
  • Reviewing and improving the quality of life in the area
  • Reviewing and improving service design, delivery and access
  • Receiving feedback on performance and satisfaction levels
  • Allowing people to raise issues of importance to them

Our current consultations and surveys:

As part of our commitment to engage with you, you can now rate your most recent experience with North Lincolnshire Council by answering one question online:

Recently closed consultations:

North Lincolnshire Council invited you to view our plans as part of our consultation event to show you a development proposal for residential development at the Former Sandfield House site in Ashby. The consultation closed on 20 November 2020.

For further information and to view the proposed plan, please go to the Sandfield House development consultation page.

We consulted on the retention of our Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO). The consultation closed on 1 October 2020.

Purpose of a PSPO

A PSPO is an element of law introduced by the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 to tackle anti-social behaviour in a flexible and responsive way. When a PSPO is in place it controls specific activities within a defined area and is intended to deal with problems that are detrimental to our quality of life, such as anti-social behaviour. Breaching a PSPO without a reasonable excuse is a criminal offence. On conviction a person guilty of an offence is liable to a fine of up to £1000. A Fixed Penalty Notice of £100 can also be issued.

Why we are consulting

In October 2020, our current PSPO will expire and in order to continue to protect local communities from anti-social behaviour, we need to consult with you on its retention.

Share your views

We wanted to know what you think about keeping the powers currently set out within our existing PSPO. Responses were considered before determining whether to include some or all of the current PSPO controls into a new PSPO.

The PSPO 2020 will be in force for a period of one year. Any new or revised controls highlighted by this consultation will be subject to a call for evidence for inclusion in the PSPO 2021.

To help us develop a new carers’ strategy, we wanted to hear from carers and members of the public with an interest in the local carers’ agenda. This includes people who have someone care for them, organisations, social workers, NHS staff and other professionals who support carers.

North Lincolnshire Council published an All Age Carers Commissioning Strategy in June 2015.  The Strategy spans all life stages and enables North Lincolnshire Council to fulfil its statutory duties to all adult carers who care for adults and children and young people with additional needs, as well as supporting the smooth transition of children and young people and young carers to adult carer support services in line with assessed need.

We continued the conversation with carers and found out about your needs and priorities in 2020. We reflected on the achievements of the past five years and identified where we can improve services and support for carers whilst identifying any gaps. This informed our planning and commissioning of support services for carers in the future.

We found out from you whether the strategy had achieved its original goals and identified the future needs and priorities for carers in North Lincolnshire.

The survey closed on 31 October 2020

To find out what you said and what we did, visit our local clinical commissioning group’s (CCG) website.

Over previous years Leys Farm junior school has been working in partnership with Enderby Road infant school sharing best practice and development opportunities. The arrangements have proven to be extremely effective and of benefit to all the children and staff in both schools.  The governing bodies see federation as a positive step in order for our two school communities to collaborate further. The potential benefits are highlighted in the consultation document.

As the partnership arrangement has been working effectively, consideration has subsequently been given to the possibility of formalising the collaborative arrangement between both schools. Following detailed discussions with governors and North Lincolnshire Council, we are proposing to create a single governing body, known as a ‘hard federation’.

Further information is available in the Consultation document for the possible federation of Enderby Road infant and Leys Farm junior schools [Word, 102Kb]

The Enderby/Leys Farm consultation closed on 3 May 2020.

Over previous months Luddington and Garthorpe primary school has been working in partnership with Eastoft CE primary school in an interim Executive Headship arrangement, sharing best practice and development opportunities. The arrangements have proved to have been extremely effective and of benefit to all the children and staff in both schools.

As the partnership arrangements have been working effectively, consideration has subsequently been given to the possibility of formalising the collaborative arrangements between both schools. Following detailed discussions between governors and North Lincolnshire Council, we are proposing to create a single governing board, known as a ‘hard federation’ that will be known as The Riverside Federation.

Further information is available in the Consultation document – Proposed federation of Eastoft primary and Luddington and Garthorpe primary schools

The Eastoft/Luddington consultation closed on 1 May 2020.

We consulted interested parties on the proposal to change the age range at Baysgarth school from 11 to 18 years to 11 to 16 years.

Full details of the proposal are included in the Statutory proposal for prescribed alterations to the upper age range of Baysgarth school [PDF, 258Kb].

The consultation closed on 17 October 2019.

Public Notice [PDF, 312Kb]

Update – Thursday 28 November 2019

Following a consultation exercise, support was received to amend the age range at Baysgarth school. On the basis of the support for the proposal, a public notice was published and following a four week consultation period, no representations or objections were received.

Based on information provided in the council’s full proposals and feedback from the public notice, the Cabinet Member for Children, Families and Culture has approved the proposal to amend the age range at Baysgarth school.

In summary this means:

• The registered age range of the school will change from 11 to 18 years to 11 to 16 years
• This will be implemented on 31 December 2019

Outcome of the public consultation

A Public Consultation to determine and validate the Intervention Area for North Lincolnshire Council procurement for Phase 3 of the Northern Lincolnshire Broadband programme closed on 25 November 2019.

The Public Consultation followed an Open Market Review (OMR) with the telecoms market to which suppliers responded with information on their existing infrastructure and commercial plans in the project area.


The Northern Lincolnshire Broadband Project is striving to extend the availability of next generation access (NGA) broadband infrastructure in North Lincolnshire.

As part of the larger Digital Infrastructure strategy programme of works, and to deliver their aspirations, North Lincolnshire Council, in partnership with Building Digital UK (BDUK) and Openreach, has successfully delivered two phases of the superfast broadband project in Northern Lincolnshire.

It is therefore North Lincolnshire Council’s intention to procure NGA solutions – those capable of achieving a minimum of 30 Mbps download speed – for the remaining area in scope for NGA deployment.

Open market review (OMR)

On the 6 September, we launched our open market review (OMR) which was published and sent to 29 telecommunication suppliers. (The OMR is intended as a precursor to a formal public consultation document).

This part of the consultation lasted four weeks and closed on the 3 October 2019. The OMR was part of the new procurement process, to establish existing and planned (next three years) commercial coverage of broadband services across the North Lincolnshire broadband area, by all existing, and any prospective, NGA broadband infrastructure providers. This enabled us to inform our understanding of the availability of NGA across North Lincolnshire. 

How to respond to this state aid public consultation

Below you will find our Phase 3 State Aid Public Consultation document and associated state aid maps. These have also been sent to all known or potential broadband infrastructure providers. Responses to this public consultation will help us identify areas not currently served, or due to be served by NGA broadband services of 30Mbps or more.

This process is being undertaken in advance of a North Lincolnshire Council’s Phase 3 procurement which we hope to launch in December 2019.

Are you a telecommunications supplier?

If you are a broadband provider, we want to hear from you. Although we have details and maps of broadband coverage in our area, we need confirmation that these are correct and of the speeds, end users can access.

Please email nlbb@northlincs.gov.uk with the following details:

  • Your organisation’s name (if applicable)
  • Your organisation’s address (if applicable)
  • Your name
  • Position
  • Contact telephone number
  • Email address

We will then send you template to complete with all relevant details.
For more details, please read the Northern Lincs Broadband public consultation 2019 document [PDF, 1Mb].

We must receive all completed templates by midnight on 25 November 2019.

Are you a resident or business in North Lincolnshire?

If you are a resident or business that resides in an area that does not yet have access to broadband speeds of at least 30mbps, we also want to hear from you. Although we have details and maps of potentially affected areas, we need confirmation of where broadband speeds are less than 30mbps from the people who live or work there.

If this is you, please complete our broadband enquiry form, preferably before 25 November 2019.