Consultations, surveys and public notices

We ensure that services meet the needs and expectations of the community by regularly engaging with you and consulting with individuals, organisations and businesses. We do this through the decision making process.

We will seek your views on a number of areas. These include:

  • Reviewing the direction of the council
  • Helping us to build active, healthy, successful and safe communities
  • Setting the council’s budget and council tax
  • Taking major decisions about council policy
  • Reviewing and improving the quality of life in the area
  • Reviewing and improving service design, delivery and access
  • Receiving feedback on performance and satisfaction levels
  • Allowing people to raise issues of importance to them.


Have your say – Community Governance Review

The council is currently undertaking a Community Governance Review:

  • To consider whether to create, merge, alter or abolish parishes in North Lincolnshire
  • The naming of parishes and the style of any new parishes.
  • The electoral arrangements for parishes, i.e. the ordinary year of election, council size, the number of councillors to be elected to the council and parish warding, and
  • The grouping of parishes under a common parish council or de-grouping parishes.

If you live, work, visit or have an interest in an area that is served by a parish council or parish meeting in North Lincolnshire, then the council wants to hear your views.

Please read the terms of reference for the review and complete the survey, which can be found on the Community Governance Review page.

The consultation will run between 12 February and midnight 12 April 2024.

Have your say – Selective Licensing Consultation

A consultation is being carried out about a Selective Licensing scheme for landlords to protect tenants at risk from dangerous housing and rogue landlords.

The Selective Licensing scheme would require landlords in certain parts of Scunthorpe to apply for a license requiring them to keep their properties safe, warm and secure.

It will also improve whole communities and target criminal landlords.

Please read the proposal documents and let us know your views.

The consultation will run between 8 February and midnight 22 April 2024.


Community activities at the Baths Hall and Plowright Theatres

This survey has been designed to gather your views regarding the community activities and events we can offer at The Baths Hall and Plowright Theatre. Your responses will be used to help us to shape our future community activities programme at both our venues, and to support local communities to flourish.

There are a total of 7 questions and completion of this survey should not take any longer than 10 minutes.

Tell us what it’s like living in your community

North Lincolnshire Council has the ambition to be the #BestPlace for our residents and to achieve better outcomes for the people and place of North Lincolnshire.

One of our priorities is to ‘Enable Resilient and Flourishing Communities’, and to help us achieve this together, we want to understand what it is like to live in your community.

We have developed the ‘our community’ tool which is designed to capture your views of your community, asking a number of questions about your lived experience, against the council’s four outcomes of:

  • Safe
  • Well
  • Prosperous
  • Connected.

The information you provide will be used to determine where we can work together to make your community a better place to live.

Rate Us

As part of our commitment to engage with you, you can now rate your most recent experience with North Lincolnshire Council by answering one question online: