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Report an obstruction on the highway

We have legal powers to remove obstructions to roads and paths because it is an offence to obstruct free passage of the highway.

There are many things that might cause an obstruction, such as:

  • mud and debris
  • building materials
  • overhanging trees and hedges
  • illegal signs
  • encroachment.

Encroachment is when someone takes unlawful ownership of parts of the highway, such as grass verges or public footpaths.

Builders skips and scaffolding need a licence to be placed on the highway. You can apply for a Skip permit and a Scaffolding licence online.

Warning Only the Police can remove vehicles parked in a way that blocks access to property. For abandoned vehicles, visit the Fly- tipping and Abandoned Vehicles page

We want the highways to be clear of obstructions, so if you have any concerns, please tell us about them.

Before you start

You’ll need to provide:

  • An accurate location for the problem
  • A description of the problem
  • Your contact details, if you want updates

You can report an issue to us online, using our dedicated form, or you can contact us by phone, on 01724 297000.

What happens next

We send a qualified inspector to every defect that’s reported to us and prioritise repairs based on a risk assessment.

The inspection generally happens within 10 working days of us receiving a report.

The inspector will decide if the defect is an urgent safety risk or not. We carry out urgent repairs or make it safe within 24 hours.

If the defect does not fit within our guidelines we may not repair it, but we will continue to monitor it through routine inspections.