Building Control

Information about building control services, building regulations, fees and charges.

Building Control services

Building Control deal with building regulations, dangerous structures, demolitions, and enforcement of the Building Act. A team of experienced officers ensure the compliance of the building regulations and enable a safe environment for people to work and live in.

Building Control aims to provide an easy and professional service throughout stages of the work covered by the regulations:

  • providing helpful guidance from the early stages of work
  • visiting sites to check the progression of work
  • issuing a Building Regulation Completion Certificate upon completion and compliance with building regulations.

To report a potential breach of building regulations, please use the form below:

Building Regulations are minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to virtually every building. These regulations are developed by the government and approved by parliament.

Before commencing work you should refer to Regulation 3 of the Building Regulations for the full meaning of ‘building work’ or, if you are unsure, seek advice. In most cases when carrying out work on your property or building a new property, you may need to comply with Building Regulations.

Please visit the Planning Portal to determine if an application is required.

To report a potential breach of building regulations, please use the form below:

You can submit your Building Regulation application by applying online via the Planning Portal or by filling the in one of the forms that can be found in the Useful Building Control documents section below.

Please read our Building Regulation fees guidance notes [PDF, 544Kb]. For fees which are not covered below, or if you just need some advice, please contact us. Further information can be found in the Useful Building Control documents section below.

Full plans form (for Building Regulations)

Once Building Control have received your form and any details required a charge is also due.

The plan fee can be sent in with the form, paid over the phone or via our payment system.

An invoice will be sent to you once your works have started on site (if applicable).

Building Notice form (for Building Regulations)

The Building Notice fee is a single payment covering administration costs and all inspections. It can be paid by the methods previously mentioned.

Regularisation form (for Building Regulations)

The regularisation fee covers retrospective applications and can be paid as above.

Copy of building decision notice and provision of information

Building Control can offer a service to provide a copy of a decision notice at a charge of £23. When you request this service a Building Control reference number should be provided.

If a Building Control number cannot be provided, this requires more time searching for a copy which will be a charge of £41.

Free services

  • Advice on fire safety issues and access for disabled persons
  • Safety at sports ground advice
  • Free consultation per submission
  • Free seminars for agents and developers
  • Building excellence awards.

The council has a responsibility and legal powers to respond to dangerous structures as they occur. All structures that appear to be dangerous, dilapidated and or neglected should be reported to the council. The matter will be treated with the utmost urgency.

To report a potentially dangerous building or structure, please use the form below:

If you intend to demolish a building over 49 cubic metres, under the Building Act 1984 you must apply for a demolition notice at least six weeks prior to work commencing.

Apply for notice to undertake demolition works. [PDF, 217Kb]

Completed forms should be submitted to Building Control with the relevant location plan of the building and adjoining streets, the correct fee, together with a method statement for the demolition of larger buildings.

Application fees for demolition are currently £61. VAT is not applicable.

For more information regarding demolition works please contact us.

Planning permission for demolitions

The demolition may also require planning approval. You can find out more on the Planning Portal.

If you require information regarding dust, noise and smoke contact our environmental health team.

Further information and forms can be found in the Useful Building Control documents section below.

Enforcement policies and procedures are in place to make sure that building work is carried out in accordance with the relevant legislation. Enforcement procedures explain how this is achieved. Our Building Control team have certain powers to enforce works under the Building Regulations Act, to ensure safety of the building and the public.

To find out what powers can be enforced under the Building Regulation Act view our Building control enforcement policy [PDF, 316Kb].

North Lincolnshire Council Building Control is partnered with over 40 companies.

This national Local Authority Building Control (LABC) agreement means that we provide a dedicated officer as a single point of contact to check all building regulation applications that the company submits across the country.

This is a free service, without obligation, with the benefit of continuity and a North Lincolnshire Council officer to deal with at all times.

Partner companies are also entitled to use the LABC logo on their letterheads and websites. Partners also have a chance to win an award for best partner in the South Yorkshire and Humber Awards.

If you are interested in partnering please contact us.