Police and Crime Commissioner launches £1m Community Safety Fund

Council News
11:41, Tuesday, 24th May 2022

Police and Crime Commissioner Jonathan Evison has announced a new fund which will invest over one million pounds into community projects across the next three years.

The Community Safety Fund will offer grants toward the costs of crime reduction and community safety projects and provide support for victims of crime. It is designed to kick-start local projects that will cut crime and anti-social behaviour and improve residents’ feelings of safety.

The fund can provide grants of between £500 and £35,000 and is open to non-profit organisations, charities, community groups and social enterprises together with Town and Parish Councils.

Examples of projects could include:

Measures to improve the safety of outdoor public spaces, community buildings or assets.

Activities and support for groups of people who may be particularly at risk of becoming victims
of crime, or have previously been victims.

Activities and support for groups of people who may be at risk of being drawn into criminal

Community events and activities with a focus on crime and safety issues.

The first round of funding is open until the end of June 2022 with the second round closing at the end of September. A total of £1.1m has been allocated to the fund until March 2025.

Police and Crime Commissioner Jonathan Evison said: “An important part of my role is to work with residents and businesses to make our area a safer place to live and work. For that to happen successfully it needs communities to play their part and work with the police, councils and other authorities to make a difference and find solutions to change things for the better.

“There are many excellent examples of community initiatives which are doing just that and it’s something I want to see more of, which is why I have launched this new fund to help local organisations. I’m looking forward to receiving applications so we can work together to cut crime and anti-social behaviour and make our neighbourhoods safer.”

Visit the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner website for more information and to apply for the Community Safety Fund.