New homes and community centre in heart of Riddings with Government cash

Council News
12:44, Friday, 22nd December 2023

A new community centre will be built in Riddings as part of ambitious new plans using Government cash.

New homes for older people will be built on the site – with development partners being sought in the New Year.

Cllr Rob Waltham, leader, North Lincolnshire Council, said: “This will be single biggest investment in Riddings since the pool was opened in 1972 then further invested in 2018 with the new community hub and library.

“There is a lot of work which needs to be completed to get the site ready for the new investments and we’ll be using a chunk of the Government cash we’ve been given to get this ready to build a new future.

“We have bold plans for creating a new future for the whole of North Lincolnshire and the Government is backing them with the cash needed to make them a reality.”

The community centre will complement the existing community hub and swimming pool. Originally opened in 1972, additional facilities were added in 2018 as part of a wider £5m community investment programme

Holly Mumby-Croft, MP for Scunthorpe and Vice-Chair of the Towns Fund Board, welcomed the news. She said: “The Government has backed communities all across Scunthorpe to thrive with cash needed to get projects like this off the ground.

“This is levelling-up in action and I am looking forward to working with the community to design and develop the new community centre and to seeing life brought back into the site.”