More than 10,000 pensioners missing out on free travel as council commits to protect extended hours locally

Transport and Streets
12:23, Tuesday, 26th March 2024

Thousands of over 60s who have reached state pension age, disabled residents and their carers across North Lincolnshire have had their free enhanced travel passes protected once again this year.

The scheme – first introduced in 2017 – extends the times eligible people can travel for free or at discounted rates on local trains and buses.

While more than 23,000 local residents are eligible for concessionary passes, around 10,000 pensioners who could get the passes do not.

The passes enable people to travel for free on local buses at any time and receive free or discounted local train travel.

Cllr Rob Waltham leader, North Lincolnshire Council, said: “Our commitment to enabling residents to live independently is unwavering and once again protecting our long-standing enhanced concessionary travel passes.

“Every council in the country provides free travel for pensioners and disabled residents using Government cash, however while in other areas residents have to wait until 9.30am before they can use their passes, they do not here in North Lincolnshire.

“We have provided extra cash to extend the money already provided by the Government so everyone can travel at the time they need to.”

Cllr Tim Mitchell, cabinet member for connectivity, said: “This additional support has a huge impact on the lives of many people, making travel easier and ultimately, cheaper – but there are many people who could benefit.

“Being able to get out and about really does enable people to enjoy a full and active life, not restricted by when and how they might want to use public transport.

“We’ve invested additional Government cash in creating new bus routes across the area, and if those people who are eligible for passes got them and used these buses, we’d protect that connectivity further.”

You can find more information about travel passes and how to apply on the bus passes and services page of our website.