Community funding and grants

Find out what grants and funding are available and how to apply.

Grants and funding available for individuals and communities in North Lincolnshire

We recognise the important role that community groups play in making North Lincolnshire an excellent place to work, live and play. We also wish to support talented individuals to become the very best that they can in their chosen activity. In return, recipients of grant funding will be required to contribute to key priorities for the area.

We will expect groups, where appropriate, to show that their projects will keep people safe and well, enable communities to flourish and promote growth in the economy.

Applicant organisations must have policies which address all statutory responsibilities including health and safety, safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, and equality and diversity, which meet recognised standards of good practice.

Grant awards are approved by the Safer, Stronger Communities – Rural, and Safer, Stronger Communities – Ashby, Bottesford and Scunthorpe (‘Urban’) Cabinet Members

Community grants

This fund will support the following organisations if they are non profit making and have social aims:

• Junior and youth groups
• Charitable bodies
• Trusts
• Co-operatives
• Industrial and provident societies
• Not for profit constituted organisations
• Town and parish councils

Applications from new groups are welcomed.

Please note we will not consider applications for support with staffing or retrospective costs.

Apply for a grant

CGF Guidance Notes – 2021 [PDF, 171Kb]
Application Form – CGF [PDF, 233Kb]

Grants for premises hire

We can also support junior and youth groups with the cost of their premises hire:

Apply for a grant

CGF Guidance Notes – 2021 [PDF 171Kb]
Application Form – Premises Hire [PDF, 187Kb]

Individual grants

You can apply for an individual grant if you are a resident in North Lincolnshire and are able to
demonstrate excellence in sport, art or culture. This should be supported by independent
evidence, for example selection to a recognised governing body, national sports squad, working
with professional artists, practitioner in a residence, mentoring or master class setting.

Apply for a grant

CGF Guidance Notes – 2021 [PDF, 171Kb]
Application form – Individuals [PDF, 171Kb]

Further support is available

Contact the Grants team on 01724 297000 or communitygrants@northlincs.gov.uk if you need assistance in completing your application, or if you need support in producing your organisations policies.

We recognise the importance of local groups and organisations in delivering on priorities in local communities, which in turn help to make North Lincolnshire the best place for our residents. The council is supporting communities to take action to make environmental improvements.

£150,000 has been made available in our new Enhancing our Environment Fund.

The fund will support organisations if they are non profit making and have social aims to implement a wide range of environmental improvements that will contribute to the council’s outcomes.

The fund may be used to support activity that delivers environmental improvements. Currently the Enhancing our Environment Fund will receive applications for the following five categories of environmental improvements:

  1. Rainwater harvesting
  2. Community Orchards and Tree Planting
  3. ‘Clean Energy’ carbon saving technologies on Community Buildings
  4. Community Composting
  5. Sustainable travel planning for communities.

Applicant organisations must have policies which address all statutory responsibilities including health and safety, safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, and equality and diversity, which meet recognised standards of good practice.

Grant awards are approved by the Safer, Stronger Communities – Rural Cabinet Member.

The maximum grant awarded will be up to 90 per cent of the project cost up to a maximum of £15,000. Grant aid will be based on the estimated net cost of the work involved. Any VAT payments will only be covered by grant aid if they are non-reclaimable.

The applicant group will normally be expected to contribute a minimum of 10 per cent or £5,000, whichever is the lesser, towards the cost of the project.

Please contact the Grant team for full guidance notes and an application pack. We are also happy to help with completing your application, or producing your organisations policies.

01724 297000

We are looking for local good causes to benefit from Lincs Lotto.  The good causes could be local charities, community groups, parish councils or sports clubs, and will receive 50 per cent of the proceeds from lottery ticket sales. A further 10 per cent of ticket sales will go to support other local good causes through our Community Grant Fund.

Prizes of up to £25,000 are up for grabs from Lincs Lotto. Tickets for the weekly draw cost just £1 each and are available to buy online on the Lincs Lotto website.

Lincs Lotto players will be able to choose which good cause they want to support when they buy their tickets, and 50 pence from every ticket bought will go directly to their chosen cause.

Each charity or community group has its own webpage on the website and is encouraged to drum up ticket sales to help support their cause.

The first draw took place in September 2017.

In accordance with the Gambling Act 2005, North Lincolnshire Council has appointed an external lottery manager, Gatherwell Ltd, to run Lincs Lotto on our behalf.

SSE have two funding schemes available in North Lincolnshire for community projects:

  • SSE Local Keadby Wind Farm Fund
  • The Sustainable Development Fund (SDF)

SSE Local Keadby Wind Farm Fund

Around £182,000 per year has been allocated to the SSE Local Keadby Wind Farm Fund and made available to community projects within the North Axholme Ward area.

Applications are invited from projects within the eligible area [PDF, 1.18Mb].

A ring fenced grant fund of £10,000 to be allocated towards applications from the Parishes of Gunness and Burringham has been agreed for 2022/23.

Apply for a grant

The decision making panel meets every quarter to discuss projects.

Important dates for the fund:

Deadline for application – 28 January 2022

Date of panel – 1 March 2022

SSE Sustainable Development Fund (SDF)

The Sustainable Development Fund is in addition to our local Keadby Wind Farm Fund and supports strategic projects across North Lincolnshire.  It allows the benefits of the renewable energy development to be accessible to a wider area and is directed to projects that can achieve significant impact in local communities.

The fund opens to applicants on 15 November 2021 and closes on 20 January 2022. The decision making panel will meet in March 2022.

Priority areas

  • Creating opportunities:  Create or enhance opportunities for education and employment through activities that develop skills and improve an individual’s chances of entering the workplace.
  • Empowering communities: Empower communities to become more resilient and protect vulnerable residents through measures which demonstrate long-term social, environmental or economic improvements.
  • Sustainable places: Stimulate meaningful regeneration to improve or enhance local infrastructure, landscape, biodiversity or heritage and make a lasting difference to the places we live, work and visit.

Further information about SSE is available from the SSE website

SSE Keadby Wind Farm notes of meetings

SSE Annual General Meeting notes – 23 November 2021 [PDF, 258Kb]

SDF Panel Meeting and Annual General Meeting notes – 9 November 2021 [PDF, 186Kb]

SSE local panel meeting notes – 25 October 2021 [PDF, 176Kb]

SSE local planning meeting notes – 26 July 2021  [PDF, 223Kb]

SSE Sustainable Development Fund meeting notes – 22 June 2021  [PDF, 181Kb]

SSE local panel meeting notes – 26 April 2021 [PDF, 393Kb]

SSE local panel meeting notes – 26 October 2020 [PDF, 171Kb]

SDF Annual General Meeting notes – 20 October 2020 [PDF, 117Kb]

SSE Sustainable Development Fund meeting notes – 1 December 2020 [PDF, 94Kb]

SSE Decision Panel Meeting – 25 January 2021 [PDF, 214Kb]

The Safer Communities Fund offers grants of up to £20,000 to community projects in North Lincolnshire that help to build safe, strong and resilient communities. The fund opens to new applications four times each year. Please read the information below to find out if your project could be eligible.

Since 2018, North Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership (CSP) has given over £200,000 to community projects across the area. Projects supported include:

  • dance clubs
  • boxing clubs
  • youth clubs
  • therapeutic support for young people
  • employment support for people looking for work
  • scam prevention work

The fund can support a variety of projects. If you are part of a charity, voluntary group, or community interest company looking for funding to support activities in your area, please get in touch. You could be awarded a grant from the CSP for your project.

Aims of the Safer Community Fund

  • Strengthen local communities through the provision of facilities, events, activities or services to local children and young people, families, and adults of all ages
  • Encourage and support voluntary groups to make North Lincolnshire safer through the development of local initiatives, projects, services and activities

Application criteria

Applicants should demonstrate that their project meets the following criteria:

• The project contributes to at least one of the PCC’s aims in the Humberside PCC’s Police and Crime Plan  [PDF, 2Mb]:

  • To deliver increasingly self-sustaining and safe communities in the Humber area
  • To build public confidence in the agencies involved in creating safer communities
  • To promote services to victims and the vulnerable that meet their needs

• The project contributes to at least one of the North Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership Plan outcomes:

  • Safe communities – people feel safe and are safe
      • targeting offenders
      • protecting the vulnerable
      • focusing on communities in need
  • Strong communities – people take responsibility for their community
      • building community cohesion
      • developing volunteering
      • enhancing Neighbourhood Watch and Action Teams
  • Resilient communities – people recover and withstand adverse impact
      • reducing the impact of domestic abuse
      • reducing the impact of substance and alcohol misuse
      • safeguarding the vulnerable from exploitation

Applicants need to clearly explain how their project will benefit children, young people, families, adults or the community in the area where the project will be based. It should outline exactly what the money will be used for. It is also good to show us what other funding you have raised for the project.

What the Safer Communities Fund supports

The Safer Communities Fund will support a wide range of facilities, events, activities and services that contribute to the following priorities:

  • Enable communities to thrive and live active healthy and fulfilled lives
  • Support, safeguard and protect the vulnerable
  • Shape the area into a prosperous place to live, work, invest and play
  • Commission to improve outcomes for individuals and communities

Examples of the types of groups the fund can help:

  • Neighbourhood Watch groups
  • Junior and youth groups
  • Charitable bodies
  • Trusts
  • Co-operatives
  • Industrial and provident societies
  • Not for profit constituted organisations
  • Town and parish councils

Please note this list is not exhaustive and applications from new groups are welcomed.

Application details

There are two levels of funding that can be applied for:

  • Tier 1 – bids of up to £10,000 for one year projects
  • Tier 2 – bids of up to £20,000 for two year projects

Additional funding may be available for specific projects – please contact the Community Safety Partnership via email to discuss in more detail.

Your group will be expected to demonstrate a commitment to the proposed project either in terms of financial commitment, match funding, resources, or ‘in kind’ support for the project, in addition to the funding being requested from the CSP. This can include volunteer time.

If you are applying for Tier 2 funding you may be invited in to come and present your project to our panel. We will be in touch to arrange this if this is the case.

There are four funding rounds throughout the year. Please email the CSP to find out when the deadlines are.

Resources to support applications can be found in the ‘related documents’ section below.

Things to consider

The Safer Communities grant should not be applied for in respect of the following:

  • Groups who cannot demonstrate evidence of their own fund raising efforts or contribution to the project detailed in the application
  • Projects to premises used solely as places of worship (projects benefitting the wider community and partnership endeavours are eligible to apply)
  • Retrospective applications, for example to reimburse money already spent
  • Schools and colleges
  • Political groups or groups promoting political activities
  • Groups or organisations where the majority of the membership live outside of North Lincolnshire Council boundaries
  • Groups whose activities exclude young people under 18 years
  • Grant making bodies applying for funding to redistribute to individuals or groups
  • Repair and maintenance projects
  • Repairs to damage caused by fire or vandalism
  • Staffing costs, unless there is an exceptional need

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If you are unsure of whether your project idea is eligible please contact us on the details below.

Bank accounts – as a partnership we have a responsibility to ensure correct use of public funds, and as such have to ensure we have confidence in the groups applying for funding to manage grants awarded appropriately. With this in mind, we would prefer groups to have a group bank account. The process for obtaining a club/society bank account is a relatively simple one – as a committee you will need to agree two unrelated signatories to authorise payments, fill in a form and present evidence of your ID and address to your chosen bank, along with a copy of your group’s constitution. If your group is unable to hold a bank account please contact us to discuss this before applying.

Contact us for advice

We can support with your Community Safety Partnership application. If you would like to discuss your project idea and get some advice, you can contact us for advice or to ask a question at communitysafetypartnership@northlincs.gov.uk. If you’d prefer a call back, please send us your details and we’ll call you back.

Related documents

Safer Communities Fund Application Form 2020-21 [PDF, 995Kb]

Safer Communities Fund guidance 2020-21 [PDF, 83Kb]

Safer Community Fund FAQs [PDF, 74Kb]