Commercial Waste frequently asked questions

Commercial Waste frequently asked questions

Commercial waste is defined as any waste product that is created from commercial activity. So whether you’re a builder needing to clear construction waste, an office discarding paper documents, or you need to dispose of plastic created from your business, it’s all categorised in the same way. This also applies for any waste produced from a home-based company.

Right Waste Right Place Duty of Care  [PDF, 342Kb]

As a business, you have a duty to ensure that any waste your company produces is handled safely and within the law.

The duty of care is a law which says that you must take all reasonable steps to keep waste safe.  If you give your waste to someone else, you must be sure they are authorised to take it, transport it, recycle and dispose of it safely.

Where necessary and possible, glass, metals, paper, cardboard and plastic need to be stored and collected separately unless it is not Technically, Environmentally and Economically Practicable (TEEP) for your business.

No, disposal of commercial waste at the Household Recycling Centres or local Community Recycling Centres are not legitimate options.

No, disposal of commercial waste in your household waste and recycling containers are not legitimate options.

Waste Transfer Notes are documents you will receive when you complete a waste transfer, that show proof of transfer of non-hazardous waste from one party to another.

Waste Transfer Notes must be kept for two years after collection as you can be asked at any time by an enforcement officer to produce a copy.

If you are transporting waste as a business, the EA requires you to have this licence to fulfil your legal requirements.

For more information on Waste Carriers and to register, please visit the waste carrier pages of the Government website. To check whether a company that collects your waste is registered as a waste carrier, visit the Environment Agency website.

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Please see our Payments and sundry debtors page.

If you have a query with your invoice, please call us on 01724 297848.

Yes, this in an option that is available to you. Please call us on 01724 297848 quoting your account number. We can arrange for a direct debit mandate to be sent and discuss your options. 

Business rates are set by HM Treasury and do not cover the provision of some local services including waste collection. Businesses are free to choose which company they wish to collect their waste and recycling.

We require four weeks written notice for terminations. Please complete the Contract termination form below.

If you need further advice, send us an email or pick up the phone and speak to one of our commercial waste advisors who will be happy to help.



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