Payments and Sundry Debtors

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The Advisory Service Finance team are responsible for paying all of the council’s bills.
This work includes the following:

  • Preparation and processing of invoices for payment
  • BACS (Bank automated clearing service) for payment (and cheques in exceptional circumstances)
  • Administration of requests for cancellation and re-banking or replacement of cheques
  • Maintenance of appropriate records for the provision of information when required for statistical and reporting information. In respect of both internal use and external bodies such as HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs)
  • Administration and completion of returns in respect of the construction industry tax deduction scheme
  • Provision of a comprehensive enquiry service for internal customers and all of their creditors

The team deals with the payment of invoices for goods and services supplied to the council. Payments are made direct to the creditor’s bank account via BACS or by cheque in exceptional circumstances. If you would like any information on this facility or would like to apply for BACS payments, please see the related page payment options.

Sundry Debtors

Sundry debtor accounts, or miscellaneous invoices as they are sometimes known, are issued in respect of a large range of services.
If you have received an invoice it may relate to a service you have requested from the council. The council is required to make a charge for the service provided and does this currently in the main by the issue of an invoice.
Some examples of services that you might request and for which a charge would then be raised are:

  • Residential care charges
  • Care Call
  • Sports facilities
  • Commercial property rent
  • Commercial waste
  • Building inspection fees
  • Licensing fees

Invoices are payable within 30 days, unless stated otherwise.

Recovery action will be taken in respect of unpaid invoices. If you think you may have difficulty paying your invoice please contact us, we may be able to agree a suitable payment plan.
If you feel the invoice you have received is incorrect, you should inform the council of your dispute without delay.

A contact number for the department that raised the charge is shown on your invoice.