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Post 16 transport

Post 16 transport

Transport for students aged 16 to 19 to college or sixth form

If you are applying to a college or school sixth form to continue your education post 16 you may be eligible for help with your transport.

 Apply for a post 16 travel pass

Courses covered

Your chosen course of study must be a further education course at a publicly funded institution. Students attending work based learning programmes must apply to their employer for transport support.

School or college attended

The course will normally be at a college or sixth form within North Lincolnshire. In some circumstances we may consider providing support for a course outside North Lincolnshire, for example:

  • where it would be unreasonable to travel to a local provider and the journey to the out-of-county college is much easier
  • if the course is unavailable in North Lincolnshire and it is essential to your intended career progression
  • if it is nearer than one in North Lincolnshire and the transport costs no more
  • the distance from home to the out-of-county college should be no more than 25 miles

If the college you are proposing to attend provides its own free transport that it is reasonable for students living in North Lincolnshire to use, you will not be eligible to receive a pass to use on public transport from North Lincolnshire Council.

Bus routes to North Lincolnshire colleges from where you live

Personal eligibility


You must be living in North Lincolnshire when you are enrolled on the course, and either:

  • have 'settled' status and been ordinarily resident in the UK for at least three years before the start of the course

  • be a national of any EU country and have been ordinarily resident in the European Economic Area for at least three years before the course starts

Anyone who moves to North Lincolnshire for the purpose of receiving full-time education may not be eligible for support from North Lincolnshire Council.

Three year limit

Unless you have special education needs and are eligible for support under that transport policy, we will only give support for a maximum of three years.


You must be under 19 years old on 31 August before the start of your course.


You must live more than three miles from the school sixth form or college.

Other financial help

Colleges and school sixth forms have Learner Support Funds, which they use to help students suffering from hardship. You should ask the college or the school sixth form you are attending about these.

Other sites of interest

Contact details


For queries about policy and eligibility:

01724 297218

For queries about bus routes:

01724 297216

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 5pm

Fridays: 8.30am to 4.30pm

Last updated: 26/09/2017