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The Mayor of North Lincolnshire

Cllr Janet Longcake from Bottesford, is the 27th Mayor of North Lincolnshire. She was elected in a ceremony at the Council’s Annual Meeting on 18 May 2023.

Cllr Longcake was the former Deputy Mayor and has stepped up to succeed Cllr John Briggs, who held the position previously.

Cllr Longcake was born in Scunthorpe and moved to Broughton as a child. She attended Broughton Primary School and later went on to the Girls High School in Brigg. On leaving school she started working at the British Steel Coke Ovens for Richard Thomas and Baldwins Limited.

Cllr Longcake was married for 25 years to her first husband before being widowed in 1996, they had two children, Darren and Joanne.  10 years later Janet met and married her second husband, Derek Longcake  a local professional painter and decorator.  Her interest in North Lincolnshire Council began when Derek was elected as a member for Bottesford Ward.  When Derek passed away due to Covid 19 in April 2020 she decided to carry on his council work and was elected ward member for Bottesford in a by-election in May 2021.  Cllr Longcake’s Consort is her daughter Ms Joanne Saunby.

Janet worked in the retail sector for many years serving the general public and has been a volunteer at Scunthorpe General Hospital for the last 12 years.

Cllr Longcake said ” I am proud to live in North Lincolnshire and I look forward to being an ambassador for North Lincolnshire in the coming year”.

Cllr Longcake has chosen to support Hope House and Macmillan North Lincolnshire and has set an ambitious target of raising £10,000.

If you, or someone you know is taking part in a challenge and looking for brilliant local causes to support the Mayor would be delighted to receive your donations.

People can also make their own contributions via the GiveWheel page.

The Deputy Mayor of North Lincolnshire

Councillor John Briggs is the Deputy Mayor of North Lincolnshire.

How to request the Mayor’s attendance

To request the Mayor to attend an event please use our online form:

Current Mayoral engagements and events

The Civic office manages the Mayor’s diary, endeavouring to ensure the Mayor and Deputy Mayor attend as many events as possible, organised by outside organisations, voluntary sectors, other district councils, town councils, members of the public and so on. View the current Mayoral engagements  [PDF, 60Kb]

Mayors are elected by their fellow councillors to serve in office for 12 months.

Deputy Mayors are appointed at the same time as the Mayor is elected.

It is normal practice for the deputy to be nominated for Mayor the following year, although they still have to be elected by their fellow councillors.

The Mayoral robes are made from red wool trimmed with artificial fur. It has been suggested that the original fur on former Mayoral robes may once have been a ‘flea trap’.

The Mayor’s hat, called Bicorn, has gold braid, and the Deputy’s has silver braid.

Lady Mayors wear a three-cornered hat called a Tricorn.

The Civic Office supports and promotes the role of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor as the civic head and ambassador of North Lincolnshire Council and the area it serves.

The Civic Office organises all civic hospitality and official functions on behalf of the Mayor. Staff attend and provide support at the civic functions organised by the office when needed. They give advice to the Mayor upon request on all aspects of civic protocol.

The Civic Office gives assistance in the planning and co-ordinating of Royal visits with the Clerk to the Lieutenancy, along with any other official ceremonies and receptions that involve the Mayor, leading members and officers of the council.

Occasionally, the council expect staff to provide support and attendance at events outside normal office working hours, for example, Civic Dinner, Civic Service, Remembrance Day and other major events and occasions.

The office manages the Mayor’s diary, endeavouring to ensure the Mayor and Deputy Mayor attend as many events as possible, organised by outside organisations, voluntary sectors, other district councils, town councils, members of the public and so on. View a list of the current Mayoral engagements above.

It is essential to obtain as much information as possible from external organisations anticipating attendance from the Mayor or Deputy. Please complete the online application form or contact the civic office directly.

Request for Mayoral attendance

In a 12 month period, the Mayor and their Deputy will attend around 600 civic functions. This shows that in a very short time North Lincolnshire Council has established a prominent position as part of the local community.

The Civic Office liaises with chief officers and senior staff within the directorates and decision makers in both the public and private sectors.

The office works very closely with staff in the public relations team, to inform and invite the press for coverage on all Mayoral engagements.

Contact details

01724 296346 or 01724 296358

Civic Office
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