How do I make a claim against the council?

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Please think carefully before making a claim against the council. Your claim will only be successful if the council can be proven to be negligent.

There may be occasions where North Lincolnshire Council is legally liable for damage to property or injury. In such instances, if the council can be shown to be legally negligent, it will offer compensation through its insurers.

What do I need to do to make a claim against the council?

If you have been involved in an incident and wish to make a claim you can do so online:

In order for an insurance claim to be successful against the council, you must prove that the council has been negligent. It is not sufficient for you to think that because the incident is not your fault, it must be the council’s fault. If the council has not been negligent we will defend the claim.

What happens to my claim?

Once we receive a complete insurance claim form the council’s insurance section will acknowledge receipt of the claim within 21 days. They will give you the contact details of the council’s insurance company. If you have provided an email address, the acknowledgement will be sent by email.

The section will then request a full report from the relevant council department. That department will complete an investigation and relevant documentation will then be passed to the council’s insurers.

Once the council’s insurers have received your claim, they will acknowledge receipt and conduct their own investigations. The insurers will correspond directly with you.


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