Subject Access Request

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you the right to request access to the information we hold about you and the services you receive from us.  This is known as making a Subject Access Request (SAR).


How do I make a Subject Access (SAR) Request?

You can make a SAR request either verbally or in writing and there is no charge to make a request and generally no charge to provide you with information.  We would prefer you to make your request in writing so that we are clear about the information you would like to access.

We have created a Subject Access Request Form [Doc, 145Kb] that can be printed to help with your request.  This form also explains that identification (ID) that we will need to see before we release any information to you, if we need to identify you.

Please address your form to the Information Governance Team and email it to or send it to the postal address from the below contact details.


Can I ask someone else to make my Subject Access Request?

Generally other people cannot access your personal information, but in certain circumstances this may be permitted, such as where you have given written permission for someone else to make a request on your behalf or where you have parental responsibility.


Subject Access Request Responses

When we respond some information might be withheld or redacted, such as where another person is referred to or where releasing the information is likely to compromise the prevention and detection of a crime.  Generally we will not charge to provide you with information and where we are considering a charge this will be as permitted by the General Data Protection Regulation and we will discuss this with you.  An example is where you would like a second paper copy of information we have already provided.  Please see our Information Charging Policy for further information.

Before making your SAR request please read our Access to Information Policy [PDF, 739 Kb] and  PR03 – SAR Guidance NLC Notes [Doc, 26Kb] that provide further detail.


Access to adoption records

Adults who have been adopted can request access to their original adoption files. Please see our Adoption File Access page for more information and to access the Adoption File Request Form.