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Looking after your wellbeing

Do you look after your wellbeing? Let us help you discover what support is available to connect you with activities in your community for good health and wellbeing.

The Community Wellbeing Team

The Community Wellbeing Team, aim to reduce social isolation, promote wellbeing, and reconnect you to the fantastic range of activities on offer in North Lincolnshire. We provide opportunities for you to participate in various wellbeing activities that we, and other organisations run across the area. If you are having trouble accessing an activity in your community, we can help! Our team works with local volunteers to create new activities or events that the community needs.

We run the following activities for North Lincolnshire residents and we can help you get similar activities set up in your communities :

  • Social groups
  • Coffee mornings
  • Bring your own craft groups
  • Health walks
  • Chair based strength and balance exercises
  • Chatterbox groups
  • Scrabble/table top games groups
  • Gardening Social history & reminiscence groups
  • Hub Clubs.

Please note: Our groups are accessible to residents with a range of needs. Please see our full timetable and locations on the LiveWell North Lincolnshire website.

We can also help people to connect with the community by offering the following support:

  • Wellbeing Calls
  • Buddying (to initially support individuals to access activities)
  • Bus Training
  • Telephone group calls
  • Community health and wellbeing conversations
  • Events and community pop-ups.

If you are an organisation looking for support for a resident, please contact  CommunityEnablement@northlincs.gov.uk

LiveWell Community Connector Training

Our LiveWell Community Connector Training is a short session designed to help everyone in North Lincolnshire, including residents, businesses, and groups, be better equipped to direct friends, family, and neighbours to local support. There are a wide range of opportunities available to support our communities, including:

  • Support with money matters
  • Opportunities to get active
  • Opportunities to live and age well
  • Help with emotional wellbeing
  • Support for people with additional needs
  • Opportunities to connect with local nature
  • Opportunities to develop new skills and participate in training
  • Hobbies and interest groups
  • Opportunities for children and young people
  • Opportunities to both stop smoking and work towards a healthy weight.

The purpose of the Community Connector training is to help residents to find this support when they need it.

Register Your Interest Today

If you live in North Lincolnshire, we can organise training that fits your needs. Please email us at livewellcconnector@northlincs.gov.uk. If one hour is too long, we can also put on shorter sessions and adapt them to your needs.
We’re committed to spreading awareness of this valuable resource across North Lincolnshire. Your help in sharing this initiative with others is greatly appreciated as we strive to leave no resident unaware of the support available to them.

Meet the Team

Hi, it’s Alice, Alison, and Beth, we work in Barton and Brigg to deliver activities that matter to you and help you stay connected with your local community.

We enjoy speaking with you about how you look after your health and wellbeing.

To look after our own well-being, we prioritize self-care and enjoy daily walks.

Did you know the Visit North Lincolnshire website is packed with great walks?

We are all keen listeners and are eager to hear what you have to tell us about your community.

Hi, it’s Alex and Becca here, we work in the Scunthorpe North area. Combined, we have been working in local communities for four years, we are very passionate about delivering positive activities. We are very approachable, and we love hearing about what matters to the you.

To look after our wellbeing, we both enjoy taking walks and exploring the local open spaces. Alex prioritises healthy eating, while Becca surrounds herself with animals and practices positive self-talk.

Hey, it’s Pauline! I’m a community wellbeing activator based in Scunthorpe South, and I’m here to help you stay healthy and connected to your community.

I’ve been working with communities across North Lincolnshire for the past three years, and I absolutely love it! Meeting new people and hearing about the positive lifestyle changes you’ve made is one of my favourite things to do. I also often reflect on the five ways to wellbeing and highly recommend them as a starting point for people that are just starting on their wellbeing journey.

Hi, we hope that you are well, Carol and Katie here, your community wellbeing activators in the Isle of Axholme!

We’ve both been in our roles since 2020 and absolutely love it! We enjoy meeting new people and coming up with fun activities that promote wellbeing while being inclusive and welcoming to all.

For our own health and wellbeing, we love taking walks and exploring the beautiful surroundings. Carol likes to walk around her neighbourhood, and Katie spends time with loved ones and enjoys the stunning green spaces around North Lincolnshire. We love measuring our weekly activities against the UK’s physical activity guidelines and always track our progress.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our team, please take the time to see what we have to offer.

Where can you find us?

Times of our sessions are available on our Live Well page. Though, generally we do have several locations such as community hubs that do not change.

Our community hubs are based in Brigg, Barton, Scunthorpe North, Scunthorpe South and the Isle of Axholme. Activities can also be found in various community venues.

Looking to Develop an activity that is not there?

If you feel that there is a need for a certain health and wellbeing activity in your community and you would like some support in its development, the development officer that is attached to our team would be happy to discuss this with you. Please contact Harry Palmer at harry.palmer@northlincs.gov.uk.

Further support

We work alongside teams that can also help you with your health and wellbeing. If you want to quit smoking or maintain a healthy weight, the Healthy Lifestyles Team can offer you support. Alternatively, if you want to be more physically active, the Active Communities Team provides a wide range of physical activities throughout North Lincolnshire.


Take a look at the short videos to get a flavour of some of the activities and groups you can find on Live Well North Lincolnshire.

Do you want to advertise a service or organisation on Live Well North Lincolnshire?  Go to the registration page on the Live Well website to get started.

Healthy Lifestyles

Park Run

Scunthorpe Bowls

The Community Wellbeing Team

Starlight Arts

Tatterfoals Morris


If you are a resident wishing to know more about what we offer, please see our listing on the Live Well website, email us at communityenablement@northlincs.gov.uk or contact us on 01724 297000.