Active communities

We want everyone in North Lincolnshire to have the ability, opportunity and motivation to lead a physically active lifestyle.

About us

NL Active Communities coordinate and deliver a programme of physical activity opportunities in communities across North Lincolnshire for people of all ages, including those with a disability or long-term health condition, who need support and motivation to start and stay active. The team of Health and Wellbeing Activators have the skills and knowledge to support and enable individuals and groups of people to lead a more physically active lifestyle.

Programmes include Active Ageing, Street Sport and Do Something Different. Find further information on these programmes on our Keeping Active page.

Our Active Community Development Officers support individuals, groups and organisations to develop physical activity opportunities for the people of North Lincolnshire. This could be anything from providing advice and guidance, developing or improving facilities, to setting up a project that provides people with a new way of getting active.

The North Lincolnshire Physical Activity Partnership is a principle source of advice, support and expertise in relation to physical activity in North Lincolnshire. We would like everyone in North Lincolnshire to have the ability, opportunity and motivation to lead a physically active lifestyle. Achieving happy and fulfilled lives through being more physically active.

If you would like to learn more about the partnership or have a sport and physical activity query or opportunity you would like to discuss please contact us at community.recreation@northlincs.gov.uk

The North Lincolnshire Physical Activity Partnership is data and insight led. This means we will focus on working with the communities we know have some of the lowest physical activity levels.

We recognise this data and insight may be useful for other groups and organisations in the area for your development plans and funding applications. The latest North Lincolnshire Data Pack is free to download via the Active Humber website

The Activities Communities team has helped establish dozens of community led sport and physical activities in North Lincolnshire. If you are thinking of setting a group up yourself, we can provide advice and guidance on the range of things you will need to consider and have in place.

Just a few examples of formal and informal groups we can support include:

  • Sports clubs
  • Parkrun
  • Seated exercise classes
  • Walking or jogging groups

Contact us at community.recreation@northlincs.gov.uk to discuss your ideas. We’re always happy to help.

There are a range of local, national and regional funding opportunities available for sport and physical activity. However the criteria and availability can change regularly. It is best to discuss your project idea with one of our Active Communities Development Officers who will be able to provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date information.

In the meantime, here are some links to funders of sport and physical activity;

Volunteering is vital for sport and physical activity. Many clubs rely on volunteers so it is important to acknowledge the benefits gained. However, it is a two way process where both the club and the volunteer should benefit.

There are many reasons why you may want to become a volunteer. Some of which will provide you with vital experience when entering the job market. Volunteering will also help you to develop interpersonal and technical skills, as well as the possibility of gaining new qualifications.

Other reasons for volunteering may be to enhance your CV or give you the opportunity to meet new people in an environment with like-minded individuals who share your interests. Others feel that they would like to give something back to their local community for a sense of personal achievement, or it may be as simple as enjoying your sport or activity and wanting to share your knowledge and talent with others.

Whatever your reasons there are plenty of opportunities within North Lincolnshire to volunteer your time and passion for sport. Contact us at community.recreation@northlincs.gov.uk for more information.

Before delivering a physical activity session consideration should be made for any training or specific qualifications the person leading the session may need.

Most physical activity opportunities require a qualified fitness instructor or sports coach to deliver the session. The national governing body for the activity you are aiming to set up is always a good starting point for advice.

As a minimum, if working with children or vulnerable adults a coach or leader should attend a safeguarding children and vulnerable adults course, and an emergency first aid course.

You may complete a safeguarding course as part of a sports qualification, but if not, courses can be found through UK Coaching

North Lincolnshire Children’s Multi-Agency Resilience and Safeguarding Board also have a range of training resources available.

Emergency First Aid courses are delivered by a range of local providers

A physically active workforce will help improve the physical and mental health of your employees and will help them feel happier, healthier and more valued.

NL Active offer corporate membership packages that allow access to NL Active leisure centres and our live streamed fitness programme. To find out more email memberships@northlincs.gov.uk

  • Cycle to work
  • Escape pain
  • Exercise referral
  • Walking work


The Playing Pitch Strategy provides a formal assessment of the supply and quality of playing pitches across North Lincolnshire. It sets out a framework for future action informed by Sport England, the relevant National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) of sport and the wider sporting community. It includes the sports of football, rugby union, hockey and cricket.

Find the Playing Pitch Strategy here.

An update paper (2023) is now available for the Playing Pitch Strategy (2020). This update should be read alongside the full Playing Pitch Strategy (2020). Any amendments in the update paper supersede the original strategy.

Playing Pitch Strategy update (2023)

The map below identifies the playing pitches included in the strategy. The map provides some basic information on the type of pitch at each site and their status (as of January 2020), however you will need to refer to the strategy for additional site detail.