Town and parish council election results

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14:05, Friday, 3rd May 2019

Results of the contested town and parish council elections held in North Lincolnshire on 2 May 2019 are as follows:

Barton Town Council

Elected are:

  • Paul Vickers (Local Conservatives)
  • Keith Vickers (Local Conservatives)
  • Ben Troop
  • Neil Jacques (Green Party)
  • Jonathan Evison (Local Conservatives)
  • Nigel Pinchbeck
  • Carol Ann Thornton (Green Party)
  • John Oxley
  • Janet Elizabeth Oxley
  • John Sanderson
  • Alvin Lee Chapman (Local Conservatives)
  • Ann Christine Clark

Bottesford Town Council

Elected for Bottesford East ward are:

  • Derek James Longcake (Local Conservatives)
  • Janet Lesley Longcake (Local Conservatives)
  • Jake Lawrence Martin Newbury (Local Conservatives)
  • Derrick Russell Targett (Local Conservatives)

Elected for Bottesford Central ward are:

  • Margaret Rose Armiger (Local Conservatives)
  • John Robert Davison (Local Conservatives)
  • Elaine Davison (Local Conservatives)
  • Stephen John Swift (Labour Party)

Elected for Bottesford West ward are:

  • Alan Melvyn Cook (Local Conservatives)
  • Gwilym Glyndwr Williams (Labour Party)
  • Yvonne Veronica Aubrey (Local Conservatives)
  • Leonard Kenneth Foster (Labour Party)

Brigg Town Council

Elected are:

  • Carl Sherwood (Local Conservatives)
  • Rob Waltham (Local Conservatives)
  • Nigel Sherwood (Local Conservatives)
  • Jane Gibbons (Local Conservatives)
  • Ann Eardley
  • Sharon Helen Riggall (Local Conservatives)
  • Penelope Jane Smith
  • Brian Andrew Parker (Local Conservatives)
  • Jane Kitching (Local Conservatives)

Broughton Town Council

Elected are:

  • Holly Mumby-Croft (Local Conservatives)
  • Ivan Glover (Local Conservatives)
  • David Keith Portess (Local Conservatives)
  • Louise Kirsty Price (Local Conservatives)
  • Paul Terence Senior (Local Conservatives)
  • Carol Ross (Local Conservatives)
  • Neil David Simpson (Local Conservatives)
  • Catherine Whittingham (Labour Party)
  • Daniel John Leitch (Local Conservatives)

Burringham Parish Council

Elected are:

  • Pearl Mills
  • Catherine Grover Brown
  • Valerie Mary Turner
  • David John Oldfield (Labour Party)
  • Stephen Roach (Labour Party)
  • Robert Robin Kissaglis

Crowle and Ealand Town Council

Elected are:

  • Julie Reed (Local Conservatives)
  • Norman Arrand (Local Conservatives)
  • Melvyn James Bailey (Local Conservatives)
  • Alan Eric Phillip Rayment
  • Robbie John Pender
  • Ronald George Stewart (Local Conservative)
  • John David Ramsden
  • Sheila Deirdre Walshe (Local Conservative)
  • Ian Harold Mason

Goxhill Parish Council

Elected are:

  • Jonathan Lawtey
  • Samuel England
  • Marion James Stancer
  • Michael Raymond Duncan Gathercole
  • Valerie Gorbutt
  • Julie-Ann Cundell
  • Roy Atkin
  • Richard Charles Leaning
  • Joanne Lesley Cleghorn
  • Freda May Dunkley
  • Theresa Diane Simons

Haxey Parish Council

Elected are:

  • Leslie Ian Thorpe
  • Alan Holgate
  • John William Smedley
  • Pauline Lesley Booth
  • Mark David Bond
  • David Keith Harris
  • Mark Parkin
  • Trevor James Foreman
  • Christopher Mark Layton
  • James Orton
  • Carol Lindley
  • Helen Condliff
  • David William Knowles
  • George Raymond Fiddler
  • Michael Anthony Carlile


Kirton in Lindsey Town Council

Elected are:

  • Patricia Frankish
  • David Stephen Garritt
  • William Charles Boyd
  • Kathleen Daun Cooper
  • Jack Michael Startin
  • Peter Yallop
  • Karen Lesley Gunn
  • John Anthony Kitchen
  • Geoffrey David Cossey (Labour Party)

North Killingholme Parish Council

Elected are:

  • Stephen Maxwell Woods
  • Karen Boyington
  • Birgit Shelley
  • Katie Jayne Thomas
  • Robin Richard Hedison
  • Michael Dias
  • Richard White

Owston Ferry Parish Council

Elected are:

  • John Barry Temperton
  • Ian Thomas Woodcock
  • Gary Jonathan Stevens
  • Ian Charles Walker
  • Ann Louise Parkin
  • David Christopher Green
  • Christopher Trevor Bland
  • George Edward Watts
  • Glyn David Brumby
  • Catherine Edward
  • Timothy Paul Wood

Saxby All Saints Parish Council

Elected are:

  • Andrew John Simpson
  • Francis Charles Henry Hope Barton
  • Gavin John Jobling
  • Melvin Neil Young
  • Dorothy Fagge
  • Pauline Sandra Leitch

Winteringham Parish Council

Elected are:

  • Ian William Dowson
  • Gaynor Lynne Snell
  • Deborah Susan Fagan
  • Christine Jane Price
  • Stuart Moody
  • Gary Charles Crawford
  • Lesley Carol Fowler
  • Malcolm Alan Blackburn
  • Lindsay Joanne Hutchinson

Winterton Town Council

Elected are:

  • Ralph Ogg (Local Conservatives)
  • Paul Patrick McCartan (Labour Party)
  • Helen Elizabeth Rowson (Local Conservatives)
  • Victoria Jane Mumby (Labour Party)
  • Donald Johnson
  • Robert Anthony Bridge
  • Elaine Marper (Local Conservatives)
  • Marilynne Harrison (Local Conservatives)
  • Norma Helen McEwen King (Local Conservatives)

Worlaby Parish Council 

Elected are:

  • Peter Jones
  • Richard Humphrey Bowles
  • Sharon Newton
  • Donald Barker
  • Neil Empson
  • Anne Christine Fletcher
  • Stewart Davidson
  • Daniel James Empson


Individual vote counts for each candidate will be available in due course on our elections results page.