Support needed to bring ultrafast broadband to Brigg

Community Advice and Support
10:37, Monday, 7th September 2020

People and businesses in Brigg are being asked to join forces with North Lincolnshire Council and Openreach to bring ultrafast broadband to the town.

Government cash is available to install a fibre network in the town. Vouchers worth £1,500 per property and £3,500 per business can be used to cover the cost of bringing 100mbps connection speeds to part of the town.

All people need to do is pledge their support by following a few simple steps:

When enough vouchers are pledged then Openreach will look to install a new fibre network in the town.

Ultrafast broadband will mean people can access online services, video call, stream television and game all at the same time with no waiting or buffering.

The ultrafast speeds can also transform how local businesses work and attract new companies to the town.

Cllr Rob Waltham, Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“The council is working hard to improve broadband speeds across North Lincolnshire. Fast broadband is a key element of the area’s infrastructure and part of our plans for growing the economy.

“I get many complaints from people in Brigg that the speeds they receive are just not acceptable. We now have a real chance to work together to put this right – but we need support to do this.

“Pledging a gigabit voucher is quick and easy and doesn’t commit people to any contract – it just means the Government will pay for installing fast fibre in parts of the town.

“This would also provide a real boost to local businesses and make the town more attractive for inward investment.

“I would urge residents and businesses in Brigg to take a few minutes to pledge their voucher and make a real difference to Brigg’s infrastructure.”