Pop-in to a pop-up for your jab

Council News
09:00, Thursday, 28th October 2021

November will see the area’s biggest programme of pop-up vaccination centres in a major push to protect people from Covid-19.

Residents over the age of 16 can just walk in to get their first, second and booster jabs at venues across North Lincolnshire.

The pop-up centres were launched at the end of August and 38 have been held so far, giving people easier access to the vaccine.

The programme has seen hundreds of extra people get the jab. Clinicians will be on hand to answer any queries that people might have about the vaccine.

The council’s Test and Trace Team will also be at the centres providing help and advice around testing and handing out free self-test kits.

For a full list of pop-up vaccination centres in November visit the North Lincolnshire Council website.

Dr Satpal Shekhawat, Medical Director at NHS North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “North Lincolnshire’s vaccination programme has continuously evolved since administering our first jab back in December – almost a year ago.

“Taking life-saving vaccines into our communities has helped so many thousands of people, who may not have come forward for their protection for various reasons, receive their protection. This outreach work has made a huge difference and will undoubtedly have saved lives.

“I am delighted to see that we are now accepting walk-ins at these pop-ups for not only first and second doses, but for the vitally important booster jabs as well.

“This winter is going to be an extremely challenging one. While the vaccine is clearly working in reducing the number of deaths, we will still see a rise in hospital admissions.

“On top of that we will have other viruses in circulation very shortly, including typical winter illnesses such as norovirus and the flu.

“We must protect ourselves as best we can. I would urge those who are eligible for the booster vaccine to have it before the coldest months are upon us.

“It will boost your immunity and significantly reduce the risk of you becoming seriously ill with coronavirus.

“If you have had your jabs and know family members or friends who haven’t, please do encourage them to have it. Nobody wants national restrictions to be reintroduced, or even a lockdown, and this is the best way to guard against that happening.

“Our pop-up clinics will cover various parts of Scunthorpe, Barton, Brigg and many more, so please do keep a look out for when your local area will be covered in the coming days and weeks.”