Parents invited to comment on school admission arrangements

Schools, Libraries and Learning
13:11, Wednesday, 28th December 2022

The council is proposing one change to its admission arrangements for its schools for the 2024/25 intake year.

The governing board of Goxhill Primary School has requested that the published admission number be reduced from 36 to 30 for the following reasons:

  • An intake of 30 would maintain Early Years Foundation Stage class sizes at or below the threshold where it is legal for a single qualified teacher to deliver teaching with appropriate junior support. Class sizes above that cut-off of 30 pupils require another qualified teacher
  • Class sizes at Goxhill Primary School no longer reach the current published admission number of 36 and, based on local population projections, are not expected to do so in the future
  • There is adequate capacity within the Federation’s other primary schools (East Halton Primary School and New Holland Church of England and Methodist Primary School) to service the needs of the local population who live outside the Goxhill catchment area.

No children currently on roll at the school will be displaced.

The reduction of the number will affect how many children will be accepted each year from the 2024 intake onwards.

Some of the academies in North Lincolnshire that are responsible for their own admission arrangements are also proposing to make changes for the 2024/25 intake year which require public consultation and the council is coordinating these consultations on behalf of the following academies:

Crowle Primary Academy

“The Published Admission Number (PAN) at Crowle Primary Academy is currently 37. This means that the number of pupils admitted to the academy in reception each year is a maximum of 37.

The Academy Trust, Governors and Senior Leadership Team at Crowle Primary Academy wish to reduce this by seven places which will result in an annual pupil intake of 30, effective from September 2024 onward.

Reducing the PAN will assist the Academy to provide stability in its long-term planning and allow the school to secure high-quality educational outcomes for the pupils currently on our roll, while continuing to provide an appropriate number of places for future pupil numbers in line with demand in the local area.

Birth rate over the last few years has declined as has demand for school places within the Isle of Axholme, resulting in four of the school’s year groups being currently below 30 children.

After consulting with the local authority, it is apparent that demand for school places within the Isle is not set to increase significantly, therefore a reduction of the PAN to 30 at Crowle Primary Academy will not mean that there will be a shortage of school places within the Isle.

The proposal of a reduction in the PAN is only for new year groups from September 2024. Existing year groups will remain unaffected for the remainder of their time at Crowle Primary.”

Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire

“We are formally requesting to change our admissions policy for the cohort 2024/25.

Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire has gone from strength to strength over the last two years, recruiting record numbers into year 9, whilst growing our sixth form.

Health Science and Social Care has been added as a new specialism from September 2021 after the sector needs were highlighted due to the Covid crisis.

The Labour Market Information (LMI) for across Northern Lincolnshire shows that both engineering and health and social care have skills gaps that are growing and will continue to grow with population growth and energy sector growth across the Humber.

Today the presence and growth of global and national companies as well as an entrepreneurial development of small and medium sized enterprises places demands on highly skilled young people.

The area aspires to position Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire as the world leader for renewables, engineering and health and social care, engaging businesses and employers across North Lincolnshire and beyond to demonstrate commitment through investment.

It is the intention of Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire to mirror this ambition, attracting admissions from across North Lincolnshire, as well as the neighbouring areas of North East Lincolnshire, South and East Yorkshire.

As we have grown the new health sciences specialism, it is important to highlight the different STEM pathways, and ensure the teaching and learning is robust with specialist teaching, as well as safeguarding numbers of students in science classrooms and engineering workshops. This will allow the UTC to work in a safe manner adhering to our risk assessments which follow legislation and professional guideline.

For the above reasons we would like to make changes to our admissions policy:
• All students for Year 9 admission will be expected to apply for one of the UTC’s two specialisms

• For the engineering specialism there will be 60 places available for students in each year group and 60 for health sciences.

• If there are insufficient applicants for places in one specialism, these will be added to the places available for the other specialism up to a maximum of an additional 10 per cent in either specialism due to restrictions of the building, staffing levels and health and safety

There are no changes to our overall Pupil Admission Numbers (PAN). The PAN is split into the two specialisms equally.

These two specialisms have the largest skills gaps in Northern Lincolnshire, and are both fully supported by the businesses we work with on a daily basis, as well as our core partners.”

Full copies of the proposed arrangements and further details of the consultation are available on the school admissions consultation page on our website.

The schools listed above are consulting on their admissions arrangements from Monday 19 December 2022 to Sunday 29 January 2023.

Parents can send comments on the proposed changes in the admission arrangements to sean.kendrew@northlincs.gov.uk or via post to Sean Kendrew, Access Manager (Admissions and Transport), North Lincolnshire Council, Church Square House, 30-40 High Street, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire DN15 6NL.