More funding to support older jobseekers

11:09, Friday, 16th October 2020

North Lincolnshire Council’s Action Station has been praised and given another year’s worth of Government funding in recognition of its efforts helping older people into work.

The Move On scheme is a one-to-one programme of support for people over 40 who are often long-term unemployed and may face other challenges.

The programme has been so successful, funding from the Department of Work and Pensions has now been renewed for a further year.

Run by advisor Andre Brown within the Action Station, the scheme helped 30 people into work and 30 into training in its first year.

Andre holds one to one sessions, offers advice, support and encouragement and helps devise a programme that means people have a better chance of improving their skills and finding work.

Jobseekers are referred to the Move On programme via the Jobcentre, which has praised Action Station’s success.

Jo Corney, Service Leader for NE Yorkshire and the Humber Jobcentres, said: “It’s fantastic news that the Action Station in Scunthorpe are able to continue to support our older jobseekers with advice on moving forward towards the world of work.”

Action Station is a one-stop shop for skills and employment, and supports people from every age group, helping them find work.

You can view the latest local jobs on our website, or contact Action Station on 01724 297000.