Independent Visitors needed to support young people in North Lincolnshire

People, Health and Care
15:33, Friday, 7th February 2020

Volunteer Independent Visitors are needed in North Lincolnshire to support a child or young person, and make a difference.

An Independent Visitor is a volunteer who spends time with a child or young person who is in the care of the local authority and who has little or no contact with the adults in their family.

Through doing activities and going on trips out together it is hoped that volunteers will become a mentor and friend that will provide the young person with a support that is independent of the ‘professionals’ within their life. Volunteers are there just for them and meet about once a month for a few hours.

Cllr Ralph Ogg, cabinet member for Adults and Health, said:

“We are looking for volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences who really want to make a difference to the lives of our children and young people – everyone has something to offer.

“If you think you could commit the time to volunteering, please get in touch.”

An Independent Visitor with the council, said:

“It’s a wonderful feeling to realise how the relationship has grown and developed, when he remembers funny things that we have done together and giggles happily when recounting them. And informs me that he believes I am much better at football now than two years ago. But still lots of room for improvement.”

People interested in becoming an Independent Visitor volunteer can find out more details on the Independent Visitors page, by emailing independentvisitors@northlincs.gov.uk, or calling 01724 297000 for an informal chat about the role.

Full training and support is provided and reasonable expenses are reimbursed. You will be matched to one child or young person at a time.