Have your say on Kingsway junction proposals

Transport and Streets
09:52, Tuesday, 3rd August 2021

Residents are being invited to have their say on proposals which could see changes made to the Brumby Wood Lane junctions that join the Kingsway (A18) in Scunthorpe.

Under the proposals, vehicles would no longer be able to turn right onto the Kingsway, in a move that could help to reduce the risk of traffic collisions on the busy route into the town centre.

The plans follow a fatal accident, where a motorist attempted to turn right at the junction, colliding with an oncoming vehicle.

Cllr Rob Waltham, leader, North Lincolnshire Council, said:  “I welcome this consultation – we take road safety concerns raised by residents extremely seriously as part of our continual approach to improving our road network.

“We have worked closely with the town’s MP Holly Mumby Croft to bring about this consultation. The no right turn directive has been in place for a number of years now on neighbouring Church Lane and these proposals are an extension of this, making joining the Kingsway consistent and easy to follow.

“The plans will also contribute to the transformation of Scunthorpe’s cycle network. The introduction of additional, safer crossings for both pedestrians and cyclists will help to connect Berkeley Circle to The Pods and the University Campus on Ashby Road and the Ridgeway cycle route.”

The plans also include the addition of further double yellow lines on Brumby Wood Lane to aid the flow of traffic, as well as replacing the existing crossing points on the junctions joining the Kingsway with new pedestrian and cycle-friendly parallel crossings.

Consultations will be delivered to residents of Brumby Wood Lane later this month, with local people able to view and comment on the plans via the North Lincolnshire Council website.

Damon White, a relative of the resident that sadly lost their life, said: “On behalf of the family, I have worked closely with the council to draw up these proposals to change the configuration of this junction.

“The consultation is an important step in our shared goal to make joining the Kingsway safer. I would like to appeal to those who use this road to come forward and share their thoughts on the plans so we can make a positive difference to the safety of the A18.”

Last year the council received Government cash to kickstart improvements to North Lincolnshire’s cycle network and boost connectivity. New cycle lanes, dedicated access routes, additional signage and secure cycle parking bays are all being introduced to encourage more people to enjoy the health benefits and convenience of life on two wheels.

The Brumby Wood Lane consultation follows substantial investment in North Lincolnshire’s highways infrastructure. In a huge boost for the economy, the new multi-million pound, Government-supported M181 junction has opened, opening up land for new homes and business and shortening commute times. A further £5m has been invested to resurface the A15 between the Humber Bridge and Barnetby Top.

For more information about the Brumby Wood Lane consultation and to share your views on the proposals, please contact the council by emailing: traffic@northlincs.gov.uk.