Get Fit For Life and take first steps to a more active, healthier lifestyle

10:50, Tuesday, 11th October 2022

The get active movement sweeping the nation is coming to North Lincolnshire to help people of all ages discover the health benefits just 15-minutes of daily exercise can bring.

The Daily Mile Fit for Life is inspiring thousands of people to run, walk, wheel or jog their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Getting outside for regular physical activity has long been shown to have a positive impact on health and wellbeing, and can help us feel refreshed, happier, more productive, and less stressed.

Now, with The Daily Mile’s fantastic free toolkits, it’s never been easier to kickstart your journey, no matter your age, ability or personal circumstances.

There will be different themes each month to encourage people to get involved.

Cllr Richard Hannigan, cabinet member for health, said:

“We all know the massive difference that regular exercise makes to our physical and mental health, but it can sometimes be hard to take those first steps.

“That’s where this brilliant campaign comes in: it’s a simple premise that anyone can follow and there are great free resources to help keep you on track at every stage of your journey.

“It’s also a fantastic opportunity to get outside and enjoy some of the special scenery we are fortunate to have here in North Lincolnshire, not least our Green Flag award winning parks.

Getting involved is a fantastic way to help you achieve the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’.

1. Connect: Building connections with family, friends, colleagues, or neighbours can support and enrich you every day. Encourage them to join you on a Daily Mile and make your run/jog/wheel/walk more fun and enjoyable.

2. Keep learning: Trying or learning something new or visiting somewhere new can increase your confidence and your self-esteem, as well as being fun. Running, jogging, wheeling or walking a Daily Mile can help you see new things where you live, and further away.

3. Be active: Moving makes you feel good, whatever the activity. It helps to release feel good hormones which support your overall wellbeing. Simply putting one foot in front of the other, moves you from inactive to active. A Daily Mile can give you a real feeling of achievement and satisfaction.

4. Give: Giving time or words to others is proven to support wellbeing. Being involved with your community and creating connections with people can be rewarding. Inviting others to run/jog/wheel/walk with you or sharing a smile and saying hello to others will give you a positive sense of self.

5. Take notice: Enjoying the moment, being aware of the here and now and noticing the world around you can help you appreciate what matters. Being mindful of the present helps you to feel grounded. A Daily Mile can take you away from your daily routine and stresses, it’s a perfect chance to switch off and enjoy the outdoors.

To find out more and get involved visit our website.