Free parking gets even easier as new machines installed in North Lincolnshire car parks

Transport and Streets
17:28, Friday, 8th March 2024

Parking machines across North Lincolnshire – where 95 per cent of all tickets issues are free – are being replaced with new ticketless machines.

The existing machines have become unreliable and difficult to use even though visitors to town centre car parks have saved almost £20m thanks to a two-hour free parking policy introduced by the council in 2014.

More than 13 million free tickets have been issued during this time, around 95 per cent of all tickets issued, including all day free weekend parking.

Cllr John Davison, cabinet member for safer, stronger communities – Ashby, Bottesford and Scunthorpe (urban), said: “I am extremely pleased that our promise to residents made in 2011 has ensured that 95 per cent of all parking in North Lincolnshire is free, supporting both our residents and hard-pressed retailers.

“Unlike many other Councils who have installed app-only machines, we have ensured that people are not disadvantaged by new technology, allowing those not comfortable with the use of mobile phones and apps to pay by card.

The new micro machines deliver the latest cashless smart payment technology meaning people will pay-by-plate. Visitors to the car park will simply input their car registration and pay if required for longer stays, and then walk away.

Cllr  Davison added: “Being a ticketless system, these new machines are much more environmentally friendly, will reduce the councils carbon footprint, and will stop the littering blight caused by discarded tickets.”

Most of the maintenance and repair issues with the pay and display machines are due to the ticket printers and coin jams. The new machines will be more robust, and with no moving parts should be less likely to breakdown giving a better experience for customers.

Physical tickets will not be issued, it will all be virtual using car registration numbers. Enforcement officer will be able to access this information when they check the car parks. The new machines will all be installed and be up and running by mid-March.

Two hours free parking will continue to be maintained across all car parks during the week with free all-day on Saturdays and Sundays to support communities, visitors, and the local economy

More information on our car parks is available on our website.

New parking machines – your questions answered

Is free parking continuing?

Yes – up to two hours free parking between 8am and 6pm on weekdays, every evening and all-day on Saturdays and Sundays remain. This accounts for 95 per cent of all parking.

Do I have to enter my registration number for free parking?

Yes, during the week – but no card payment nor app is needed for free parking.

There is no need to enter your registration on evenings and weekends.

How do I park if the new machines are being installed but aren’t yet working?

You can park as normal and will not receive a ticket – but please check by touching the “on” button on the machine to ensure it is not operational.

Do I have to sign up to an app to park?

No – you can use your debit or credit card to pay if you need more than two hours during the week.

Why replace the parking machines?

The old ones were breaking down regularly and replacement parts are not available due to their age. Some people also got parking fines by not displaying their ticket correctly and the new system solves this issue.

Are parking charges increasing?

No – almost 95 per cent of people do not pay to park and for people needing more than two hours between 8am and 6pm on weekdays the charges have been frozen.

Can I still use my Blue Badge for free?

Yes, just park as normal by displaying your current Blue Badge.