Can you provide vital support to children and families by becoming a Short Breaks + foster carer?

Council News
13:55, Monday, 20th February 2023

New foster carers are needed across North Lincolnshire to help provide short breaks for children and young people.

A series of drop-in sessions for people to find out more about how they can help and get involved are being run this week.

Short Breaks + supports parents and carers by offering short breaks from their often-demanding 24/7 responsibilities. This might include an overnight stay, or longer periods of time during school holidays.

The young people and foster carers are carefully matched, with the hope this can become a regular arrangement, building relationships, creating happy memories together and also enabling parents and carers time to spend with other family members.

Cllr Julie Reed, North Lincolnshire Council’s cabinet member for children and families said: “This type of care is crucial, both for the children and for their families.

“It provides essential support and care for the children, enabling them to create new friendships and enjoy new activities and experiences.

“At the same time, it gives parents and carers a little bit of a break themselves; knowing your children are being well cared for offers a chance to spend time with other family members or just have some time to yourself to recharge your batteries.”

Short Breaks + fosters carers are part time roles. Some carers have other jobs, others are full time parents – it’s the combination of life experience, professional skills and personal qualities that can make a Short Breaks + foster carer.

North Lincolnshire Council’s fostering team – who recently received the highest ever Ofsted rating nationally – are looking for people to join the ranks of other outstanding carers.

Throughout the Short Breaks + week, drop-in sessions have been organised within local communities for people to ask any questions and find out more about the role. The sessions are being held at:

  • Silica Lodge Garden Centre, Scunthorpe, DN17 2BN on Wednesday 22 February from 9am to 5pm
  • Belton Kitchen, Belton, DN9 1NY on Thursday 23 February from 10am to 4pm
  • The Range, Scunthorpe, DN15 8NN on Friday 24 February from 9am to 3pm

One current Short Breaks + foster carer, said, “Children with disabilities have different challenges and you need to adapt and be aware of this, but being a Short Breaks + foster carer is incredibly fulfilling and enables me to give extra support to the family.

“Short Breaks + can be a real lifeline for the families of children with disabilities and additional needs who might sometimes be faced with a limited support network.

“I would absolutely encourage anyone to foster and providing short breaks introduces you to the fostering role.

“Lots of training and support are available but passion is key, alongside commitment and motivation to offer a short break for children with disabilities.”

Full support provided

Short Breaks + carers are offered the same level of support and training as that of a full-time foster carer, which includes:

  • A nominated fostering social worker who will provide regular support and supervision
  • Practical support and advice via support groups
  • Comprehensive training to understand the role, caring for children and young people with disabilities on a wide range of subject

By choosing to share a short break with a child, people can make a huge difference in their own life and an even bigger difference to the life of the child and their family.

Taking the first step is simple. Enquire to find out more today and join the fostering family and community at North Lincolnshire Council.

To find out more about becoming a Short Breaks + foster carer, visit our website, email fostering@northlincs.gov.uk or call 01724 297024.