Call-out teams thanked for emergency response during storms

Transport and Streets
16:28, Tuesday, 22nd February 2022

Emergency teams have been thanked after responding to more than 80 storm-related incidents across North Lincolnshire over the last few days.

The council’s Highways team were called to 85 individual incidents, 20 of them for fallen trees.

Two roads had to be closed after telephone lines went down and there were three flooding incidents, all of which were pumped out.

Three storms in quick succession – Dudley, Eunice and Franklin – resulted in yellow and amber weather warnings as the area was hit with high winds, rain, sleet and snow.

To prepare for the impact of the weather, all but the most essential highways work was suspended and teams put on red alert.

Vehicles were pre-loaded with equipment ready to respond to calls immediately.

All critical flood assets were regularly checked to ensure grills and water courses were free from storm debris.

Leader of North Lincolnshire Council Rob Waltham said: “We have received several messages of thanks from grateful residents and I want to add my voice to theirs.

“Our teams have been on 24-hour alert and have done an amazing job keeping roads clear and communities safe and well.

“I want to thank everyone involved and urge people to be cautious and take care when the extreme weather is with us.”