Better connected: more than £2m cash supports the improvements to bus services across North Lincolnshire  

Transport and Streets
17:03, Tuesday, 12th March 2024

Significant improvements have been made to bus services across North Lincolnshire to ensure residents are better connected.  

A report, discussed by the council’s cabinet details how many more enhancements are in the pipeline thanks to more than £2m Government cash.  

A new Saturday service connecting Kirton in Lindsey, Brigg and Barnetby to Humberside Airport (Service C4) launched in December 2023.   

Service 260 through the Ferry ward extended its routes in February 2024, with pick-ups in South Killingholme, North Killingholme and East Halton and an extended route into Immingham. 

An additional 350 Sunday 7.55am service between Scunthorpe, Barton and Hull was also launched in February 2024.  

Cllr Tim Mitchell, cabinet member for connectivity, said: 

“This Government cash is supporting the development of bus services across North Lincolnshire, enabling residents to travel sustainably and help contribute towards a clean and green local environment.  

“Keeping our communities connected across North Lincolnshire is a priority – we have listened to residents who wanted better buses and more options.  

“These services mean people can connect with family and friends, access health services or simply do some shopping or get to a bank. 

“We are committed to ensuring people can access journeys at the times which best serve their needs and we are continuing to roll out even more improvements including, more routes, fare caps, weekend services, better passenger information and improved standards, to give passengers the best possible experience. 

“This is in addition to our enhanced concessionary travel scheme, where in North Lincolnshire we extended the offer to include free or discounted travel every day before 9.30am travelling in and from North Lincolnshire. Nationally, it is between 9.30am and 11pm but we wanted to do more for our residents. There is also free and discounted travel for companions of disabled pass holders who cannot travel alone.”  

The council received more than £1m government cash from the Bus Service Improvement Plan plus funding (BSIP+) for up to 2025 and more recently £965,000 following the government’s announcement of £150m funding to improve bus services for 2024/25 in the Midlands and North of England. 

The cash will also be used to continue two pilot routes launched in 2023, with the 97-service becoming the Isle Shopper and extended to cover more Isle villages including Westwoodside and Haxey. The popular 96 service between Brigg and Barton will become the Wolds Villager. 

Further improvements are planned for bus services 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 90, 103, 260, 350 and 357 (was 57) in the coming months to help residents travel around North Lincolnshire easier.  

In addition to services being improved, the funding will be used to maintain and sustain the existing infrastructure, reduce fares for young people and carry out passenger surveys. 

There has never been a better excuse to ‘Take The Bus’, with new pilot routes being established by the council, a commitment to ensure enhanced travel passes are available and the Government’s scheme to cap all journeys at £2. 

More information can be found on the council’s website, with further announcements of the new routes expected when they go live.