Find out how we increase buying power and value for money through the products and services we choose. Information about tender opportunities for businesses.

The Procurement Team

The Procurement Team is a team of professional procurement specialists employed by North Lincolnshire Council.  The Procurement Team works closely with other departments within the council. They offer advice and support for the procurement of goods and services for the council and to benefit the wider community.

Further information

There may be opportunities for your business to provide goods or services to the public sector, either through a direct contract or by becoming a subcontractor.

Investinnorthlincolnshire – is an initiative by North Lincolnshire to advertise contract opportunities and helpful information to interested businesses.

YORtender – is an online tendering portal used by North Lincolnshire Council to advertise contract opportunities

North Lincolnshire Council Commercial Pipeline provides a forward look of our anticipated procurement activity. It includes all major projects and procurement activity over £100k.

Our Procurement Pipeline will be refreshed every quarter and we will continue to publish details of all our opportunities on YORtender.
Information published on our Procurement Pipeline is provided for planning purposes only and does not create any commitment to undertake all or any of the activities as set out in the Pipeline. It is an indication of future opportunities.

North Lincolnshire Council uses an electronic tendering system called ‘YORtender’ to procure works, services and supplies.  All unrestricted opportunities over £5,000 in value are advertised using this system. YORtender is web-based, so can be accessed from any computer and it is free for you to register. Guidance on how to register can be found on the YORtender website.

Contracts awarded over £5,000 are available to view in the YORtender Contracts Register.

We also publish a spreadsheet of our current contracts [XLS, 70Kb] on a monthly basis.

The Officer decisions page details the Procurement and other decisions taken by officers of the council which must be published in accordance with data transparency legislation.

All council orders are subject to standard terms and condition.  These will apply unless a formal contract arrangement is in place.

If you are a provider (or potential provider) of contracted services to or on behalf of the council please contact us to:

  • report concerns
  • request information
  • suggest new or innovative approaches to improve service delivery
  • give feedback about procured services