Lincolnshire Lakes

Lincolnshire Lakes is an exciting development that will see a series of village settlements created (one of the largest business and development investment opportunities in the UK)

The Lincolnshire Lakes development

The Lincolnshire Lakes development is the creation of one of the largest residential developments, not just in the Yorkshire and Humber Region but in the whole of the UK, within North Lincolnshire on land west of Scunthorpe, creating new building jobs plus thousands more as new businesses are created.

This exciting development will include the creation of new homes, a high quality business park and office accommodation. It will also incorporate opportunities for:

  • Tourism
  • Leisure
  • Recreation and sport

All of which will be set within a unique lakeside setting with several large artificially created lakes connected by water channels.

A new M181 junction will be created to improve access routes to the motorway and make the area more accessible as a place to live, visit and work.

If you want more information regarding business investment opportunities within this development, please contact businessinfo@northlincs.gov.uk or call 01724 297000.

The Lincolnshire Lakes Area Action Plan (AAP)

The Lincolnshire Lakes Area Action Plan (AAP) will set out the planning policy framework to deliver this vision and make sure that this is done in a consistent and properly planned way.