Barton Upon Humber Levelling Up Fund

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Barton Upon Humber Levelling Up Fund

North Lincolnshire Council has been awarded £19.7 million in Levelling Up Funding from the Government for three packages of works.


  • Barton Link Road – Providing both the link road and improvements to the A1077
  • Barton Interchange – Providing improved railway station facilities including covered cycle parking, EV charging points, improved public realm, and real-time passenger information.
  • Barton Active Travel – Providing a number of new cycle and pedestrian improvements across the town of Barton.

Barton Upon Humber Link Road

The Link Road will provide a 1-mile (1.6km) long, 24ft (7.3m) wide link road, including 10ft (3.0m) wide cycle route west of the carriageway, with 6.6ft (2.0m) footways either side of the carriageway between the A1077 and Caistor Road. The cross-section includes 6ft (1.8m) swale verges to support sustainable drainage.

This will unlock land adjacent to phase 1 of the link road critical for the delivery of 225 homes allocated in H1P-13 of the NLC Regulation 19 Local Plan (2020-2038). This intervention would support in alleviating congestion in the town centre, particularly HGVs, and would deliver necessary infrastructure to unlock housing land.

Barton Upon Humber Interchange

The Interchange is now in place and was the first intervention to be delivered using the Levelling Up funding.

It has helped deliver an integrated mobility hub at Barton Rail Station, including:

  • Proposed footway upgrade (block paving);
  • Proposed cycle parking to accommodate 2 x electric cycles and 8 x standard cycles;
  • Proposed bus shelter with seating;
  • Proposed Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) for buses;
  • Provision of 2 x electric vehicle (EV) charging bays;
  • Provision of 3 x disabled parking bays;
  • Provision of 2 x parent and child parking bays;
  • Provision of 2 x motorcycle parking bays;
  • Provision of 31 x standard 15.7ft x 7.8ft (4.8m x 2.4m) parking spaces.
  • ‘Changing Places’, fully accessible toilet to be installed in the future.

This has delivered an improved passenger experience, while encouraging sustainable modes of travel, and creating a more attractive welcoming experience into the town.

Barton Upon Humber Active Travel

As well as the new Link Road, the wider Active Travel interventions will help deliver a town wide network of active travel routes which will include new and improved cycling and pedestrian routes.

These will be delivered along key routes through the town. The improvements priorities pedestrians and cyclists, and include:

  • Cycle facilities;
  • Toucan crossings;
  • Zebra crossings;
  • New off-road foot/cycle ways;
  • Raised junctions and crossings;
  • Widening existing footways;
  • Signalised junctions;
  • Quiet Street networks.

These interventions will enhance the sustainable travel routes throughout Barton upon Humber, increasing accessibility, active lifestyles, and reducing carbon emissions. Combined with the Link Road, this will encourage more active travel throughout Barton upon Humber.

Engagement Events

We held two engagement events at Baysgarth School, Barton-upon-Humber, in November to gather the views of local residents. The information that was on display at the events can  be seen below. The deadline for making comments has now passed.

If you have any queries, please direct them to bartonluf@northlincs.gov.uk