Registration service standards

The Registration Service aims to deliver a high quality service to North Lincolnshire residents. We do this by adopting some key guiding principles throughout all the work we do. We aim to:

  • Provide excellent customer service that is professional, meets the needs of customers and adds value to the organisation
  • Value our staff by providing them with the opportunity to develop and by recognising their contribution to the overall success of the service
  • Deliver efficient and effective services
  • Maintain or improve on the Registration Good Practice Guide national standards

All registration services have standards set by The General Register Office to ensure timely registrations. These standards are to:

  • Register 98 per cent of births within 42 days of the event
  • Register 90 per cent of deaths within five days of the event
  • Offer appointments within the following timescales:
    • Births – three working days
    • Deaths – two working days
    • Marriage notices – five working days
  • See 90 per cent of our appointments within 10 minutes of their pre-booked appointment time
  • Process copy certificates within five working days of the application receipt
  • Reach at least a 95 per cent satisfaction level with our customer surveys
  • Receive less than 0.1 per cent of complaints as a percentage of all our callers

In 2017/2018 North Lincolnshire Registration Service registered:

  • 1,877 deaths
  • 1,662 births
  • 6 stillbirths
  • 1,155 marriage notices
  • 55 standard Register Office weddings
  • 96 weddings in our 20 seater Ceremony room
  • 95 weddings in our 60 seater Ceremony room
  • 10 weddings in the Council Chamber
  • 191 weddings in approved premises
  • 2,293 copy certificate requests
  • 3 naming ceremonies
  • 9 vow renewal ceremonies
  • 15 citizenship ceremonies making 75 people British citizens
  • We registered 99 per cent of births within 42 days of the event
  • We registered 87 per cent of all deaths where there was no coronial involvement within five days of the event
  • We registered 87 per cent of all deaths within five days of the event
  • We had same or next day appointments available for everyone
  • We saw 99.7 per cent of appointments within 10 minutes of their appointment time. Delays were due to previous appointments over-running and some IT issues
  • 100 per cent of certificate applications were  processed within five days
  • 100 per cent of customers who answered our survey were satisfied with the service
  • In 2017/2018 we received one complaints out of 16,688 contacts (0.005 per cent). All related to customer expectations of service delivery and were resolved at the first stage. All complaints are taken very seriously and these were discussed with all staff and procedures revised accordingly.

In December 2018

We registered 115 births and 153 deaths. No still births were registered.

Of all appointments booked – 18 did not turn up and 25 were more than five minutes late for their appointment.

100 per cent of appointments were seen on time or within 10 minutes of their allotted appointment time.

We attested 63 Notices of Marriage/Notices of Intent.

We conducted and registered 24 marriages. Four of these were in the Register Office, and 20 were at approved premise venues.

We conducted one Citizenship ceremony in which 5 people became new citizens of North Lincolnshire.

We produced 113 copy certificates and received 345 telephone calls.

Our service standards are very important to us. We always strive to provide the best possible service to our customers and routinely carry out surveys to ask for feedback which we use to make improvements.

In December 2018 we carried out a survey asking how satisfied customers were with the service, including accessibility and locations. One-hundred questionnaires were handed out to customers and all were returned. This is what was said about the service:


‘Very friendly’

‘Everything was nice and fair’

‘Excellent customer care and professionalism. Made a very difficult task easier to deal with. X and X have been fantastic.’

‘X was very friendly and professional. Wonderful service. Thank you.’

‘Brilliant service, seen to before our appointment. Would recommend.’

‘Better light near the table where the applications are filled in. Friendly staff.’

‘Good efficient service’

‘Professional and courteous’

‘Staff were very friendly, polite, very professional, helpful. Very much satisfied with the service received.’

‘Very satisfied, thank you.’

‘I was happy with everything’

‘I was extremely emotional and the staff were very understanding and supportive.’

‘I’ve been in a number of times for advice and help in the past 6 years. I have always been helped cheerfully, with no problems. Thank you for your regular help.’

‘Straight forward booking; I called out of office hours so emailed and received a prompt reply the next morning.’

‘Very impressed with the whole procedure. Understanding, professional and helpful.’

‘Great, thanks.’

‘Very friendly registrar.’

‘All good’

‘Very professional service’

‘Staff were lovely, polite and helpful. I understood everything and the registrar was polite and helpful.’

‘Excellent service, friendly and lovely staff.’


What we have done based on the comments

We have passed on these comments to our staff and thanked them for their high standards of customer care.

Customer care training is on-going and we aim to maintain this high standard at all times.

The Register Office is open

Monday to Friday 9am-4pm

Saturday 10am to 4pm

You can contact us

In person -Scunthorpe Central, Carlton Street, Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire DN15 6TX

By email –

By telephone – 01724 298555

If you need to contact a registrar in an emergency outside office hours, please call the CCTV Centre on 01724 276444

They will contact us on your behalf and arrange for you to be called back.